20 Różowych Piwonii
Product code: TPP_32

20 Pink Peonies

A beautiful bouquet of 20 fresh peony flowers delivered in a bud, which will delight the recipient by blooming after delivery!

A bouquet of 20 pink peonies, packed in a special box, will be delivered by a DHL courier. Sending a freshly cut bouquet directly from the Polish flowers plantation is a guarantee that you will receive the freshest flowers at the best price. Our peonies are cut straight before they are shipped, and just like all other bouquet in the "Flowers from the Grower" collection are delivered for free to any chosen address in Poland.

Type of flowers: peonies
Color: pink
Length: 50 - 60 cm
Bouquet size: large (20 peonies)
Packaging: cardboard box
Delivery: free, by courier, from a flower plantation in Poland

The photo shows peonies in full bloom. Our flowers are shipped fresh after cutting, so they will bloom a few days after delivery and placing them in a vase with water.

The pink peonies bouquet is also available in the medium size (10 stems).

Product code: TPP_32
  • price: 229.90 zł

Additional accessories:

Lindor Chocolates 24.90 zł
"Best wishes" Card 8.90 zł
"I love You" Card 8.90 zł
"Thank You" Card 8.90 zł
"Get well soon" Card 8.90 zł
Artisanal Pralines 8.90 zł
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Tuesday, 26.09.2023
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