When there is a reason to celebrate, calorie-worries aside! Every special moment deserves a special cake. Can't celebrate an important day with your loved ones in Poland? Show that you remember & treat them with a cake. Euroflorist is an online pastry that is always nearby. Choose your favorite cake taste & size, add extras such as candles, and let our cake mail deliver your sweet surprise anywhere in Poland.


Euroflorist Poland — One Online Shop For All Cakes & Flowers 

Anytime you are not able to celebrate important events with your loved ones in Poland, show them you are thinking about them by sending them a delicious cake online! Cakes are an indispensable surprise that will sweeten every important celebration, and Euroflorist Poland is an online bakery that is always nearby and ready to deliver your sweet surprises. You can view, order and pay for your cake quickly and easily online, without leaving your home.

Euroflorist Poland is an online bakery and florist in one - delivering the freshest flowers and the tastiest pastries, which will make a gift composed of flowers and a cake even more memorable.

Choose your favorite cakes and pastries, match them to the right flowers & have them delivered to your loved ones. 


Our Cakes & Pastries — Available Flavors

All our cakes are tasty, fresh, and beautifully decorated. You can choose from many delicious flavors. 

For lovers of delicate, Italian cakes, we recommend our timeless "Tiramisu" cake. Clients also love our strawberry & raspberry cakes and as well as Polish cheesecakes. Would you like to confess your feelings with a sweet cake delivered with a love note? Nothing easier! Our offer includes the "Two hearts" cake or the "I Love You" cake in the shape of a heart, on a crispy bottom with a sponge cake in a delicate, cherry cream with a beautiful red glaze.

At Euroflorist, we deliver the best sweets all year round. The offer also includes seasonal surprises: seasonal cakes made with summer fruit, as well as traditional Polish Easter and Christmas pastries. Shortly before Fat Thursday, you can even order our delicious "pączki" donuts!


Cake With Delivery — Three Sizes for All Occasions

In our online confectionery you can order not only birthday cakes, but also cakes for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Fat Thursday, Easter or Christmas. Whatever the occasion, getting a delicious cake delivered to your doorstep will surely be a huge surprise. You can choose not only the taste of the cake, personalized accessories such as candles, but also one of three sizes:

  • Small cake 18cm / 1kg for about 8 people
  • Medium cake 22 cm / 1.5 kg for about 12 people
  • Large cake, 26 cm / 2 kg, for about 16 people

Select the cake size that will best suit the size of your event, and no - no occasion is too small to order a cake online!



Order Fresh & Tasty Cakes With Delivery to Poland

Are you looking for cakes with delivery to offices, workplaces or institutions in Poland? No problem! Our cake mail delivers cakes and seasonal pastries not only to Kraków, Warsaw, Gdańsk or Poznań, but also to all other cities and towns across Poland.

Ordering a cake with delivery online is easier than you think! In addition to flowers, you can add to your basket: a cake fountain, candles, number-shaped candles or cards. 

Making others happy has never been so easy! Order a cake online by choosing its taste, size and extras on our page, and the Euroflorist cake mail will deliver selected baked goods to any address indicated in Poland.


 How much does a cake with delivery in Poland cost?

The final price of a cake delivery depends on the type, flavor, size, extras and the delivery address. Small cakes for around 8 people are available for less than PLN 100 (around EUR/USD 25).

 What are the available cake sizes?

We offer cakes in one of these three sizes: 1. Small - 18cm / 1kg for about 8 people; 2. Medium - 22 cm / 1.5 kg for about 12 people; 3. Large - 26 cm / 2 kg, for about 16 people

 Can I order a cake with delivery to Poland from abroad?

Of course! You can send a cake to Poland, regardless of whether you live in the UK, USA, Canada or another country. You can pay for the online order with Visa, MasterCard, via bank transfer, PayPal or PayU. If you wish to change the currency from PLN to USD, EUR or GBP, you can do it in the "DELIVERY COUNTRY" tab in the main menu.

 Can I add a personalized message for the recipient of the cake?

Yes. When ordering any cake online, you will have the option of adding your personalized wishes in a complimentary card. At checkout, we also sell additional cards with Polish texts, suitable for different occasions. You will find the fields for adding personalized messages or wishes in the "Delivery data" tab - the second step in the ordering process.

 Can I send a cake to Poland anonymously?

Yes, you can send your cake anonymously or not, and it's up to you. If you prefer to send it as a secret admirer - simply do not reveal your name in the "Message card" text field (step 2 during checkout). The content of this field is the only information that the recipient will receive about the sender. We will not provide the recipient with the sender's name, address or telephone number, even if the received contacts us with a request to disclose sender's information.

 Can you deliver cakes to offices, hotels and other places other than homes?

Yes, we deliver cakes to the addresses of: homes, temporary accommodations, institutions, offices and workplaces throughout the country.

 Do you offer discounts on cakes with delivery to Poland?

Join our Englishmailing list, to get a 10% welcome discount and regular deals and promo codes straight to your inbox! Do not miss this chance to save, especially if you plan to regularly ship cakes and/or flowers to Poland.


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