"Dziadek do orzechów"

Dziadek do orzechówProduct code: U687

The book, kept in a fantastic convention, tells the adventures of a little Clara in a world where the toys come alive, and the prince of their kingdom is named Nutcracker. It's Christmas Eve. Seven-year-old Clara and her brother Fred are waiting for Christmas presents. As always, the greatest will be given by Judge Droselmayer, watchmaker and inventor, their godfather; This year it is a magnificent castle with moving figurines. But children prefer other toys from the mechanical wonders designed by the judge, who can not just enjoy themselves: Klara gets new dolls and a pretty dress, Fred regiment of lead hussars and a rocking horse. Under the Christmas tree is another gift - a nutcracker, in the form of a small man with a large head and thin short legs; Inserting a shell into his mouth and pulling a wooden coat causes the shell to split. Despite being ugly, the figure is so damn close to Clara's heart that she is put in charge of her ... Author: E.T.A. Hoffmann

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