Kosz Dla Milusińskich
Product code: U759

"For little ones" Basket

Are you looking for a present for the youngest member of the family? Or maybe you want to wake up someone's inner child? Oreo cookies, Delicje Raspberry, Kinder Bueno, Kit Kat and Wedel strawberry chocolate will satisfy the appetite of every gourmand, and the teddy bear warmly hugs the recipient in your property that it is.

Product code: U759
  • price: 109.00 zł

Additional accessories:

"Thank You" Card 8.90 zł
"I Love You" Card 8.90 zł
"Best Wishes" Card 8.90 zł
"Get Well Soon" Card 8.90 zł
"Blanco" Card 8.90 zł
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A Perfect Gift for any Occassion
The Best Complement for a Bouquet
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