Gift Baskets

Gift baskets - they make everyone smile! Hampers & gift sets full of the best delicacies and drinks are very popular in Poland - simply choose the perfect set, and we will deliver it by courier to your loved ones & business partners throughout Poland, even the next day.


Gift Baskets – For All Budgets & Occasions

We do not always have the opportunity to celebrate important occasions with our loved ones in Poland. We can, however, show them that we care and are happy for their achievements, by sending them a beautiful gift basket. 

Gift baskets are very popular in Poland. Beautifully decorated wicker baskets filled with the best delicacies are a popular gift for anniversaries or birthdays and name days. Most popular baskets include high-quality sweets of the best brands, aromatic coffee, tea, and sometimes even a bottle of liquor. We offer gourmet baskets in various price ranges.

Our wicker gift baskets are made locally in Poland. A gift basket may have the form of a large wicker basket with a handle, a small basket with no handles, or a pine box. During shipping, the gift basket is packed in an elegant foil and carefully protected. We deliver the finished gift baskets by courier all over the country - also the next day!


How About Ready Gift Sets?

An elegant gift set does not have to consist of a wicker basket. Our offer also includes other, equally attractive, ready-made gift sets:

In our offer, you can find a variety of gift sets with delivery to Poland. The offer includes sets with sweets, alcohol, various types of coffee and teas and other savory products. Ready-made sets are always a beautiful gift, but they will work even better as an addition to a joyful bouquet of flowers.

Like our wicker gift baskets, gift sets ordered online can also be delivered throughout Poland, even in 24 hours! 

Flowers + Gift Baskets to Poland

A beautiful gift basket delivered on someone's special day will surely be a huge surprise and will put a smile on his or her face. Especially when they are delivered with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.

Our gourmet gift baskets can be delivered separately, or as an addition to a flower bouquet, which you can order easily and securely in one online shop. Would you like to order a gift basket with an orchid? You are in the right place! In addition to the "gift baskets with cut flowers" sets, we also supply gift baskets together with potted flowers and flower boxes. The possibilities are endless!

By choosing the right gift basket to the color of flowers, you will create consistent and elegant sets for every occasion. Instead of a ready-made deli basket, you can also opt for a teddy bear, a delicious cake or a bottle of your favorite drink.

Order your favorite flowers and gift baskets at the online Euroflorist gift and flower store to be able to compose the most beautiful set of a gift basket with flowers that will delight the recipient.


Send Gift Baskets to Poland

Where can you order gift sets and deli baskets for delivery to Poznan, Kraków, Wrocław, Warsaw, Poland or any other town across the country? Online - conveniently, quickly & safely!

Euroflorist Polska is a company that deliver gift baskets in Poland. Whether you are in the UK, US, Germany or even another city in Poland, all you have to do is choose the best gift basket and place your order over while we take care of the rest. You have the opportunity to show your loved ones that you think about them, regardless of the distance. Place an order on our website and your loved ones can receive a basket full of surprises even within 24 hours! In order for the gift set to reach the recipient the next day, place the order before 2 p.m.

You can send a gift basket to virtually anyone. Not only to relatives - a gift basket is also a universal corporate / business gift, especially when we do not know the recipient or his tastes well. See: Corporate Gift Sets PolandWe will deliver gift sets and gourmet baskets to homes, institutions or offices throughout Poland. Order the most beautiful gift basket with fast delivery today!

 How much does it cost to send a gift basket / gift set to Poland?

Prices of small, symbolic gift baskets start from PLN 69 (around EUR 15/USD 15). A medium-sized gift basket costs about PLN 150 (around EUR 30/USD 30), and the price of a premium gift basket containing the best quality products start at PLN 250 (around EUR 50/USD 50).

 How are your gift baskets packed?

When it comes to wicker gift baskets, there are two types: small / medium / large wicker basket with handle or rectangular wicker basket without handle. All wicker gift baskets are packed for transport with due care. They are wrapped in an aesthetic protective foil, with the use of protective materials. If necessary, some alcohol bottles are additionally secured with bubble wrap.

 Can I order a gift basket with delivery to Poland from abroad?

Of course! You can send a gift basket to Poland, regardless of whether you live in the UK, USA, Australia or another country. You can pay for with Visa, MasterCard, via bank transfer, PayPal or PayU. If you wish to change the currency from PLN to USD, EUR or GBP, you can do that in the "DELIVERY COUNTRY" tab.

 Can I add my own message for the recipient of the gift basket?

Yes. When ordering any gift set or gift basket online, you will have the option of adding your personalized wishes in a complimentary card. At checkout, we also sell additional cards with Polish texts, suitable for different occasions. You will find the fields for adding personalized messages or wishes in the "Delivery data" tab - the second step in the checkout process.

 Can I send a gift basket / gift set to Poland anonymously?

Yes, you can send gift sets and gift baskets anonymously or not, and it's up to you. If you wish to send someone in Poland a gift as a secret admirer - simply do not reveal your name in the "Message card" field (step 2 during checkout). The content of this field is the only information that the recipient will receive from / about the sender. We will not provide the recipient with the sender's name, address or telephone number, even if the recipient requests us to disclose the sender's information.

 Can you deliver gift sets / gift baskets to offices and hotels?

Yes, we will deliver your set or gift basket throughout Poland by DHL. We deliver the ordered sets even the next day - to the addresses of homes, temporary accommodations, institutions, offices and workplaces throughout the country.

 Do you ship your gift baskets / sets abroad?

We deliver our baskets and gift sets only in Poland.

 Do you offer discount on gift sets / baskets with delivery to Poland?

Join our English mailing list, to get a 10% welcome discount and regular deals and promo codes straight to your inbox! Do not miss this chance to save, especially if you plan to regularly ship gift baskets and/or flowers to Poland.


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