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"Green Witch"

Discover the power of natural magic and healing with herbs, flowers and essential oils. GreenWitch is a contemporary witch who combines the characteristics of naturalist, herbalist and healer. It draws energy from the universe, crystals and gifts of the earth, following the path determined by the rhythm of nature. You will learn from it - what you can prepare from flowers, herbs and trees in your surroundings, how to make essential oils, herbal sugars, potions, teas and salts for yourself bathing in what purposes to use the versatile properties of the plant world and crystals why it is worth harmonizing their activities with the rhythm of the seasons, which rituals and elements help to strengthen the effects of natural healing. Listen to the world around you. Open your heart. Regain your balance and enjoy the adventure that is your life.

Author: Arin Murphy - Hiscock
Number of pages: 264
Cover: Soft

Product code: U739
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