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Product code: U321

Little Happy Things Basket

There are plenty of reasons to be happy….
There are moments when words are not enough. It`s worth to make a gesture that expresses our feelings and emotions then. If you wish to tell somebody – “I miss you”, Thank you”, or just wish all the best, choose Little Happy Things Basket. Lucky one who receives this gift can find inside: Kardynałki, Kinder Bueno, Leibnitz and Leibnitz minis with chocolates.

Product code: U321
  • price: 79.00 zł

Additional accessories:

Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection 143 g
Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection 143 g 59.90 zł
Lindt Mini Pralines 100g
Lindt Mini Pralines 100g 39.90 zł
"Thank You" Card 8.90 zł
"I Love You" Card 8.90 zł
"Best Wishes" Card 8.90 zł
"Get Well Soon" Card 8.90 zł
"Blanco" Card 8.90 zł
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A Perfect Gift for any Occassion
The Best Complement for a Bouquet
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