Zestaw Prezentowy z Likierem PistacjowymProduct code: U804

Pistachio Liqueur Gift Set

A gift set with a silky, creamy pistachio liqueur. This gift set includes a bottle of Canari liqueur with sweet extra’s:

  • Elegant dark chocolate with apple and cinnamon - 35g
  • Gooseberries covered in dark chocolate - 100g
  • Milk chocolate with raisins - 110g

The Canari Pistachio Liqueur Gift Set is the perfect gift idea for fans of good cream liqueurs - packed in an elegant wooden box filled with natural-colored wood hay and decorative elements.

    Canari pistachio liqueur:

  • Size: 0.35cl
  • Alcohol contant: 15%

Product code: U804
  • price: 149.00 zł