Zestaw z winami De Lux
Product code: U546

Wine Set De Lux

Dry red wine Domaine Nicole Cabernet/Merlot VdP d'Oc, sparkling white wine Nani Rizzi Proseco Superiore with a company of other snacks – is a real treat for the palate. Besides elegant wine bottles put in wooden chest, there are, also peanuts, capers, green and black olives and toothpicks. 

Product code: U546
  • price: 219.00 zł

Additional accessories:

"Thank You" Card 8.90 zł
"I Love You" Card 8.90 zł
"Best Wishes" Card 8.90 zł
"Get Well Soon" Card 8.90 zł
"Blanco" Card 8.90 zł
Lindt Mini Pralines 100g
Lindt Mini Pralines 100g 39.90 zł
Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection 143 g
Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection 143 g 59.90 zł
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