Cemetery arrangements

Let us decorate your loved one’s grave with the most beautiful grave wreaths, bouquets & other cemetery flower arrangements for graves. We offer graveside flowers with fast delivery throughout Poland.
See also: Our grave tending services.


Send flowers for a grave to Poland

Many Poles pay a lot of attention to maintaining and decorating graves of their loved ones. They visit their graves regularly, each time leaving them decorated with cemetery wreaths, bouquets, flowers or symbolic “znicze” – traditional decorative grave candles. If you live far away, but would like to decorate the grave of a loved one using only fresh flower composition, you are in the right place. Choose your graveside cemetery flower arrangement & we will deliver it throughout Poland.

Choose your graveyard flowers

Some of the most popular grave compositions in Poland are:
  • round grave wreaths, in all sizes
  • sprays: flat compositions in a shape of a teardrop or rhombus
  • cemetery bouquet: they may be placed in a grave vase, or, have a flat shape and be put directly on it. Please note: Cemetery bouquets should not be confused with sympathy bouquets, see FAQ below
  • potted flowers: the most popular of which are chrysanthemums.
  • other, unique flower arrangements for graves, e.g. heart-shaped grave composition made of red roses
Our offer includes both classic, traditional compositions for the cemetery, as well as modern cemetery arrangements inspired by the Scandinavian style.

Add ornaments "znicze" or grave care service

All our flower arrangements for graveside can be delivered together with traditional Polish znicze.
A Polish “znicz” is a special type of vigil light, a grave candle, usually in a sturdy, decorative glass pot. They are a beautiful symbol of our memory, love and hope, which Poles love to leave lit on graves of their loved ones. When ordering grave flowers with delivery to Poland, you can add grave candles as extra’s. They are listed in three available sizes right above the “Add to cart” button.
Beautiful cemetery flowers & candles are not the only thing we offer. We also offer a complimentary grave care services. This service includes grave decoration in size S, M or L, along with cleaning the tombstone and lighting candles. See: Grave Care service.

Discount on grave flowers with delivery

No matter which grave flower arrangements you choose - you can order all grave flowers 10% cheaper by subscribing to our newsletter. You will receive the welcome discount code immediately after registration. You can use this discount on tombstone arrangements, condolence flowers and more. Activate the code by entering it in the "Enter promotion code" field and click "Recalculate Cart". Do you plan to send (not only gravel) flowers to Poland more often? Remain a subscriber and never miss our best promotions.

Send flowers for grave site to Poland

Euroflorist is an online store that allows you to quickly and easily order unique cemetery flower arrangements along with candles. All of our grave wreaths are made of cut flowers. If you would like to have it delivered to the cemetery, the order must include the exact location of the cemetery and the grave (plot, row, sector) along with the name and surname of the deceased.
We have 25+ in delivering flowers throughout Poland. Wherever you live, order grave decorations with fast delivery to Poland at Euroflorist.



 Cemetery bouquets, funeral bouquets and condolence/sympathy bouquets – what's the difference?

While the differences between cemetery and funeral bouquets are small, they should not be confused with condolence/sympathy bouquets.

Funeral bouquets – bouquets that are brought or delivered prior to the funeral ceremony. They can be delivered to homes, funeral homes, churches, memorial etc. Their purpose is to show respect for the deceased person and are a symbol of the last farewell. They usually take the form of a flat bouquet that is placed on the new grave at the end of the ceremony. They can be decorated with a ribbon signed by the person who sent it.

Cemetery bouquets - they may take the form of a flat bouquet to be placed on a grave, although they are more often intended for a tombstone vase.

Condolence bouquets - bouquets that are neither intended for a funeral nor to decorate a tombstone, but are intended to provide emotional support to mourners. They can be placed in a vase, so they are most often sent to the mourning person’s home. They are usually delivered with a note or card with signed condolences.

 How to order flowers with a cemetery delivery in Poland?

To order cemetery flower compositions with direct delivery to the grave of a loved one, please provide the exact location of the cemetery and the grave (plot, row, sector) along with the name and surname on the monument in the "Additional information" field. This service is available only on the territory of Poland.

 Do you also sell artificial flowers for graves?

No. All tombstone compositions from this collection are bouquets and wreaths made of cut flowers and plants. We do not deliver artificial flower decorations.

 Can I add more candles (znicze)?

Yes, you are free to add more candles to your order.

You can add candles to your order by clicking on the candle icons under "Add something else" on the product page (above the "Add to cart" button). In this field you can add small, medium and large candles. If you want to increase their quantity, click the "+" button in "Your cart" (the next step in the ordering process).

 Can I place an order from abroad / in English?

Yes. At Euroflorist Poland you can send flower arrangements for graves to Poland, regardless of where you currently live. You can place your order in English and pay using some of the most common & secure payment methods. If you have any questions, please contact our English-speaking consultant.

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