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Grave care (Grave tending) is a new type of funeral service that helps you take care of the graves of loved ones regardless of your health condition, age and especially - distance. When ordering grave care services before an important date, such as All Saints, Easter & Christmas can be sure that the grave of our loved ones will be well-kept, cleaned and decorated with fresh flowers, and candles will be lit on our behalf...

The increasingly popular Euroflorist Poland grave care services are the best combination of timely and comprehensive service of cleaning with decorating it with a beautiful floral composition of fresh flowers made by an experienced florist in our network. We currently offer three grave tending packages in Poland:

Grave Tending Services Poland — Comparison

Basic Package

Expanded Package

De Lux Package


Cleaning the tombstone. Removal of garbage, leaves, dust, etc.
Cleaning the immediate surroundings of the tombstone
When applicable, also removal of snow
Removing old, withered compositions, burnt candles, setting up and lighting new ones

1 small composition1 medium composition1 big composition

 1 big candle
1 big candle
2 small candles

2 big candles
2 small candles

Available throughout Poland.
Client may choose dates while ordering.
Service provided all year round, excluding Sundays, holidays and 31/10 - 2/11

All packages include a basic maintenance service of washing/cleaning the tombstone from dust, garbage, leaves, old compositions and burnt candles. The difference lies in the number of candles delivered and the size of the floral composition. Each floral composition will be made by an experienced Euroflorist florist using fresh, cut flowers. In the special instructions box, you can suggest your loved one's favorite flowers or their favorite color.

Each order can be upgraded with additional candles or other compositions. Examples of some of our floral decorations that can be added to any standard order:

During the All Saints' Day period (October/November) we also offer delivery of chrysanthemums to cemeteries:

Grave Care Poland - Advantages

If your advanced age, health or long distance prevents you from visiting the Polish cemetery in person, let us do this task for you.
Our grave care service is, above all, convenient - you can place an order online at any time and from any country. You can do it in English, and in case of questions, you can always reach out to our English-speaking <a href="/en/contactt">Customer Support Team</a>.
Euroflorist's Grave Care service is also a guarantee of the most beautiful grave decorations. As an international network of florists with over 25+ years of experience, we guarantee that the compositions used to decorate the cleaned tombstones will be made by an experienced florist.
Euroflorist's Grave Tending brings peace of mind - you can be sure that the grave of our loved ones will be cleaned and well-kept, and a commemorative candle will be lit on it on our behalf.

Grave Care Poland - What are the requirements?

To perform the order, it is necessary to provide the name and surname of the deceased person, the name and address of the cemetery, the plot number or the cemetery sector number. The time needed to perform the service is 48 hours - excluding Sundays and public holidays.

Grave Care Poland - Availability

All of our Euroflorist grave care packages are available throughout Poland.


Warszawa (Warsaw)

Jelenia Góra

Zielona Góra
... & other cities & towns

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Do you have a question about the availability of tombstone care in your town? Do you have another question about our grave tending services?
If you would like to upgrade the standard grave care services with other flower arrangements or additional candles, order care for several graves at the same time, or regular (seasonal) grave care services, please contact our consultants:

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