Inspiracje Walentynkowe i informacje na temat Dnia Zakochanych


Valentine's Day in Poland - All You Need to Know

Which gifts & flowers to send to your loved one, what to write in a Valentine's Day card and how to celebrate the 14th of February in Poland?

As many as 92% of women remember the last time they received flowers, according to the IPSOS consumer survey on flower trends. 86% of the respondents said that thanks to the bouquet they received, they felt special. So to answer whether to send your loved one flowers for Valentine's Day, we can answer: definitely!

But which flowers to choose for Valentine's Day in Poland? Are Valentine's Day flower trends the same as in your home country? After all, you do not want to send your loved one flowers which are for example popular for being used in funeral compositions. Which colors to choose, and which flowers are considered to represent love? When is Valentine's Day in Poland, and where exactly did Valentine's Day come from? In this post, you will find answers to all questions about Valentine's Day in Poland and a nice dose of useful Valentine's Day inspirations.


When is Valentine's Day 2024?

In Poland, just like in other counties, Valentine's Day is a fixed holiday celebrated on February 14. In 2024, Valentine's Day was celebrated on a Wednesday. In 2025, Valentine's Day falls on a Friday.


Valentine's Day in Poland - FAQ


1. When is Valentine's Day in Poland?

In Poland, as in many other countries, Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14. Valentine's Day is a fixed holiday - celebrated on the same day every year.

2. How do you say Valentine's Day in Polish?

The Valentine’s Day in Polish is called “Walentynki”, or “Dzień Zakochanych”(literally meaning: “The day of those in love”).

3. How do you say “I love you” & “Happy Valentine’s Day” in Polish

“I love you” in Polish is “Kocham Cię”. Although the literal translation of “Happy Valentine’s Day” is “Szczęśliwych Walentynek”, most people will say instead: “Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji Walentynek”(“All the best…”).

4. The history of Saint Valentine's Day

The name of Valentine's Day comes from the name of Saint Valentine, the patron saint of all lovers, whom we remember on February 14. Who was St. Valentine? He was a Catholic priest in Rome in the 3rd century. During this period, more and more Romans converted to Christianity, but Emperor Claudius II introduced several laws to prevent this from happening. He believed that the Romans should devote their lives to Rome and that they should be more willing to participate in wars, forbid their soldiers from marrying and starting families. According to legend, St. Valentine, however, secretly celebrated the wedding of some soldiers. Unfortunately, the secret was revealed, and the saint was captured and executed - on February 14, 269
During his time in prison, Saint Valentine cared for his fellow prisoners, and his love for his guardian's blind daughter allegedly restored her sight. It is also said that Saint Valentine, on the eve of his execution, wrote a letter to her, signing it "From Your Valentine".


Here's an idea...

Would you like to do something different this year for Valentine's Day? Send your loved one flowers on February 12 or 13 with a card saying "I just couldn't wait to tell you how much I love you!". Success guaranteed!

Send Valentine Flowers
3. What’s a popular gift for Valentine’s Day in Poland?

There is no Valentine's Day without flowers and flower boxes. Beautiful bouquets or floral arrangements with a box of chocolates are very popular and the Valentine's Day in Poland is a very busy period for florists. Other popular Valentine's Day gifts are also:
1. Perfumes
2. Jewelry
3. Scented candles
4. Gift vouchers
5. Sets of teas and sweets

4. Valentine’s Day Ideas

Not only gifts and flowers; If you are able to meet in person, here are some ideas on how to celebrate February 14 ...
1. Romantic breakfast in bed
2. A trip out of town
3. Spa visit and wellness treatments for couples
4. Romantic movie night
5. Cooking or baking cakes together
6. Board games for Valentine's Day
7. Visit to the ice rink and ice skating
8. Live or online music concert
9. Latin dance lesson
10. Cocktail-making lesson for couples.

5. What to write on your Valentine’s Day card?

According to Luth Research, men spend the most time (about 15% of the bouquet ordering process) choosing the right words for a card for a Valentine's Day bouquet. It is definitely not an easy task! Here's what you can put on a Valentine’s Day card
1. Classic love quote
2. A quote from your favorite movie or series you watched together
3. The lyrics of “your” song
4. Listing all the little things you love about your significant other
5. The phrase I love you in Polish – “Kocham Cię!” or other languages (see the list at the bottom of this page)

See also an awesome list of over 50+ Valentine's Day wishes & love quotes in Polish and English.


Valentine inspirations: cakes, drinks, DIY's, decorations...

Get inspired by the most beautiful Valentine's Day ideas! Visit our Pinterest account and Valentine's Day board, where we've put together a collection of the best February 14 inspirations. You will find there the most beautiful Valentine's pastries, table decorations, cute Valentine's Day DIY's, heart-shaped decorations, cakes, flowers and more. 


Which Color of Flowers for Valentine's Day?

What color of Valentine's bouquet should you choose for your loved one? Do the meanings of colors are the same in Poland as in your country? Here is the meaning of the flower colors:

Color of flowers meaning in Poland

Definitely the most popular Valentine's Day color. The color of love, passion and romance, but also courage and respect.
Beautiful and elegant, the perfect counterpart to all red flowers. Fresh, clean and simple, perfect for a new relationship.
A lighter shade of red and still the color of love. With a wide range of color tones, from light pink to deep pink, they are perfect for any type of personality.
Violet is often associated with the royal family. It exudes elegance, recognition and respect. Perfect for a strong person and when you want to show appreciation.

February 14th Bestsellers in Poland


Best Valentine's Day Flowers in Poland

What types of flowers are easily available in February in Poland? Which one to select for February 14? Red roses are by far the most popular flowers for Valentine's Day and a true symbol of lovers' day. Roses are available in Poland for the Valentine's Day, but are often imported from far away, so their price in February can be quite high. What other flowers would be a good choice over Valentine's Day roses?

Best flowers for Valentine's Day in Poland

Lilies are a fantastic alternative because of their elegant appearance and wonderful fragrance. Are you hesitating between perfumes or flowers for Valentine's Day? Buying your beloved one lilies you will kill two birds with one stone 😊
Tulips symbolize elegance and grace, and red tulips symbolize perfect love. Did you know that the soft heart of a tulip represents the heart of a loved one? In addition, they are a symbol of spring and are readily available in February. So invite spring to your beloved's house by sending her a beuatioful bouquet of tulips.
Potted plants
Your sweetheart is not a fan of cut flowers? No problem; Send her one of the beautiful potted flowers, ie an orchid.

Other recommended flowers for Valentine's Day include carnations, eustomas, hyacinths, freesias or amaryllis. We would not recommend anthurium flowers for Valentine's Day, as they commonly used in funeral arrangements in Poland


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Custom rose bouquets!

You choose the color, exact number, type and even arrangement of roses.

12, 17, 23 or other "non-standard" anniversary? Create exactly the bouquet you need, and we will deliver it to your significant other in Poland, even on the same day!

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Polish Valentine's Day - Friends & Family?

In some countries, the Valentine's Day celebrations aren't only reserved for people who are dating, in love, or married. Kids make cards for their friends and teachers or parents and hand in flowers to their friends and family members. This isn't yet very common in Poland. Kids do make and send each other's cards at school (usually anonymously), but the 14th of February is mostly celebrated by younger couples and people who love each other profoundly, or just started dating. Sending a Valentine card to your mother-in-law or your teacher, although it might be customary abroad, can lead to some misunderstandings in Poland, or... at least will be a huge surprise.

Because Love Knows no Borders

Your loved one lives abroad? Here's how to tell them "I love you" in Polish and a couple of other languages...

How to say "I love you" in other languages?

I love you in Polish – Kocham Cię
I love you in Spanish- Te amo/Te quiero
I love you in German - Ich liebe dich
I love you in Dutch– Ik hou van jou
I love you in French- Je t'aime
I love you in Italian- Ti amo
I love you in Portuguese- Eu te amo
I love you in Danish - Jeg elsker dig
I love you in Czech- Miluji te
I love you in Finnish- Minä rakastan sinua
I love you in Greek- S´agapo
I love you in Russian- Ja ljublju tiebja
I love you in Hungarian– Szeretlek)

Sending Valentine flowers abroad?

Your loved one lives abroad or is visiting another country during the Valentine’s Day? We will be happy to help you surprise them with a beautiful bouquet of Valentine's flowers delivered to their home or hotel – no matter where they are! Thanks to our reliable network of florists, you can order a flower delivery anywhere in the world - in Polish or English. All you have to do is choose the right country, currentcy and make your selection. With 50,000 florists around the world, we can deliver your flowers to Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and other countries in Europe and the world. As we work with local florists, the bouquets are always fresh and beautiful.


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