They appear in Polish flower shops in May and make you immediately fall in love with their elegance, color palette, fragrance and natural beauty. What? Beautiful bouquets of peonies! Grab the time-limited magic of peonies and send them for any occasion in May and June.


Oh, Peony Bouqets!

The peony flower is definitely delightful. Peonies are unique flowers that not only look great, but also have a beautiful smell. Peonies have won hearts with their magnificent inflorescence with a diameter of about 10 cm and are one of the most favorite and recognizable flowers in the world. The most popular are romantic white and pink (pastel) peonies, however, burgundy peonies also have many fans.

Cut peonies can be delivered in the form of a bouquet or a flower box (a floral composition of cut flowers in an elegant box). In our online peony store, you can order a mixed composition of peonies and eustomas, peonies and lilies, as well as uniform bouquets of white and pastel peonies. We offer both cut peonies in romantic, pastel colors, and varied, colorful bouquets. We offer compositions of peonies in various prices and three sizes.

When Is Peony Season in Poland?

Early varieties of peonies bloom at the turn of May and June, and this is when they can be found most often in Polish flower shops. The high season for peonies in Poland lasts about a month and a half.
Peonies are the # 1 bouquet in May in Poland - that's what most children choose for the Polish Mother's Day celebrated yearly on May 26th.

Not Only Bridal Bouquets

Peonies are the flowers of choice for wedding bouquets in May among Polish brides. White peonies look lovely in a bridal bouquet together with eucalyptus twigs.
A beautiful bouquet of peonies, however, will be suitable not only for such occasions as weddings or Mother's Day, but also for May and June name days, birthdays and anniversaries.

Discount on Peonies with Delivery

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Order a Peony Bouquet Online

Pink, maroon or white peonies? A bouquet of peonies or a peony flower box? Regardless of which composition of cut peonies you choose, we will deliver it to your loved ones in Poland. A bouquet of peonies delivered to their home or work can be easily ordered online at Euroflorist Poland.
Peonies in a vase will be a beautiful decoration of any apartment and a beautiful gift for May/June events. Don't miss the season for these beautiful flowers and order your peony bouquet for online delivery today.


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