Graceful, timeless and beautiful - Poinsettias. The symbol of Polish Christmas that creates a Christmas vibe like no other Christmas Eve plant. Choose tradition and send your loved ones in Poland red, white or pink Poinsettias with fast, same-day delivery. There is simply no better way to send Christmas wishes than in a card attached to your Poinsettia plant!



Poinsettia With A Card - The Most Magical Way To Send Holiday Wishes

Our floral Christmas wishes arrive to Poland faster than Christmas cards sent by post! This year, send out your holiday wishes in a card attached to an elegant Poinsettia plant. We will deliver all Christmas plant throughout Poland, even on the same day and even on the Christmas Eve morning.

The Symbol Of Christmas - Poinsettia

Poinsettia plant, (In Poland known as "The star of Bethlehem") is a timeless and beautiful symbol of Christmas, and a true Christmas bestseller. Those Christmas plants perfectly combine tradition with timeless elegance. Send your loved ones in Poland a Poinsettia plant and make its red, white or pink petals bring a wonderful Christmas aura to their homes.

Red, White Or Pink Poinsettia plants?

Red Poinsettias stand for timeless classic and tradition. However, this is not the only readily available Poinsettia color. At Euroflorist Poland, you can also order a beautiful and elegant white (ivory) poinsettia. White poinsettias are elegant and magical, while pink poinsettias, on the other hand, delight with their romantic charm.

Poinsettia Plants With Delivery - 10% Off

Whether you choose a red, white or pink Poinsettia - you can order all Christmas plants 10% cheaper by signing up for our newsletter. Who knows, maybe this isn't the only discount we'll be offering this Christmas? Join our mailing list for the best deals on Christmas plants, flowers and Christmas gifts!

All Poinsettia plants (with or without cards) will be delivered by a local partner florist in Poland to guarantee their freshness.

Send Christmas Poinsettias to Poland

The Euroflorist Poland online florist has been connecting loved ones who are far away for over 25 years - especially during the holiday seasons. If you wish to make someone's Christmas season more magical, we will be happy to deliver Poinsettia plants on your behalf.

The advantage of ordering Christmas plants at Euroflorist is that you can add not only a card with Christmas wishes, but also bottles of wine, pastries and ready-made gift sets.
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