Sympathy Flowers

Flowers are there for us in all important moments of our life, including the most difficult ones. When words are hard to find, express your condolences with flowers to comfort those grieving a loss. Condolence bouquets and flowers with delivery throughout Poland will be a beautiful symbol of your support, sympathy, care and compassion - regardless of the distance. See also: Condolences in Polish (with translations) and Funeral sprays with delivery.


"I am here if you need me..."

Condolence bouquets are indispensable, when you want to comfort to someone close to you who is struggling with a huge loss. Sending condolence bouquets is a beautiful custom that helps the recipient in a difficult time. When sending a condolence bouquet, do not forget to include nice words of support in the attached card, such as: "Know that I am here if you need me."

Sympathy bouquet - what is it?

A condolence/sympathy bouquet is a bouquet of fresh flowers sent to someone, shortly after a death of their loved one. This bouquet is an expression of our sympathy and support for the mourner in a difficult and sad time. A condolence bouquet is usually made of elegant, delicate flowers. The most popular are white lilies and white roses, which are symbols of hope, love, respect and innocence. An integral part of the condolence bouquet is a card with a dedication full of our support.

Sympathy bouquets - where to deliver them?

Where to send your condolence bouquet? A condolence bouquet is often confused with a funeral bouquet, which is delivered at a funeral ceremony and is intended to show respect for the deceased person.
Condolence bouquets are not intended for a funeral, but to provide emotional support to (one of) the mourners. They have the form of a bouquet that can be put in a vase, so they are most often sent to the home address or the place where she/he currently resides.

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Send a sympathy bouqets to Poland

Can't you express your condolences in person? We have been delivering condolence bouquets in Poland for 25+ years, and we are here to help. Order one of our ready bestsellers online, or discuss a custom order with our English-speaking consultant. We deliver condolence flowers throughout Poland - even on the same day!

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