Gift Baskets with Sweets

Sweeten up their day - send a delicious basket with sweets! Check out our selection of hampers with artisanal chocolates and bestsellers from the most popular chocolate brands. Choose the best sweets basket or an elegant set of sweets, and let our courier deliver it to your loved ones throughout Poland, even on the next day.


Sweet Treats With Delivery To Poland

Sweet hampers, baskets & gift boxes are a perfect gift for everyone who enjoys eating sweets. In our offer, you will find both artisanal chocolates and the most popular brands of sweets. 

Our sweet gift sets include both Polish (Wedel, Mieszko, Delicje) and foreign brands (Ferrero Rocher, Milka, Lindor, Merci or Rafaello). You can either surprise someone with something new, or opt for known and trusted brands of sweets. Remember - sets containing artisanal chocolates and sweets are a unique opportunity to discover, try out and possibly fall in love with new flavors of sweets.

Our sweet hampers, chocolate baskets & candy sets are a universal gift that will certainly work for any occasion. A mixed basket full of sweets and other treats is also a safe choice in a business setting - when we do not know the recipient and his/her tastes well, but you would like to make a great first impression. 



Sweet Baskets With Alcohol

Apart from our non-alcoholic sweet hampers & baskets for kids & adults alike, we also deliver sweet baskets with coffee, tea and alcohol. Some of our sweet gift sets for adults are:

  • A basket full of sweets with a bottle of wine and a chocolate heart - the "Elegance" set perfect for Valentine's Day
  • Popular among business customers and men, the "Connoisseur" Basket with wine and the best selection of sweets
  • "Birthday" basket with a bottle of sparkling wine and the best Polish and foreign sweets.

Are you looking for a different Valentine's Day gift basket? You can also compose your own gift set consisting of any hamper/ basket of sweets with any bottle of liquor sold separately.  With or without alcohol - a sweet gift with chocolates is a great gift idea for virtually any occasion. . 

Chocolate Gift Baskets & Flowers

The perfect set for those loving chocolates, sweets and... flowers: a basket of sweets with a bouquet of beautiful, fresh-cut flowers with delivery straight to your significant others in Poland!

At Euroflorist Poland, you can add cut flower bouquets, flower boxes and even potted indoor plants to each sweet gift! You will be able to compose and order fresh flowers and the highest quality sweets that will make your surprise even more memorable!

Hampers and deli baskets with sweets and flowers is not the only option we offer. Baskets with sweets can also be replaced with another treat - one of our delicious cakes!  See: Cakes with delivery

Order Sweet Gift Sets With Delivery to Poland 

Where to order chocolate & candy baskets with delivery to Poland? Euroflorist is a true online flower mail & a gift shop in one. Our sweet courier will deliver all delicious gifts selected by you:

  • Ready-made wicker hampers/baskets (with or without flowers)
  • Sweet gift sets with or without alcohol
  • Deli baskets with sweets and tea / coffee
  • Cakes and pies 

In order for a basket of sweets to be delivered the next day, it must be ordered before 2 p.m Place an order today to please the recipient with a sweet gift with fast delivery to Poland!


 Which sweet gift baskets contain a chocolate heart?

Looking for a sweet, romantic Valentine's Day or anniversary surprise for your loved one? Send a cute gift basket with a big chocolate heart. You will find chocolate hearts in one of those sets: Basket "For Her", "Raspberry Sweetness", Tea Gift Set "From the Heart" or "Elegance".

 Which sweet gift baskets contain Polish chocolates?

Would you like to send someone in Poland a sweet basket with exclusively Polish sweets? We recommend the "Wedlowski" basket full of sweets of this beloved Polish brand of chocolates. Wedel sweets are also included in the following products: "For her", "Full of emotions" and "Elegance".

 Which sweet gift baskets contain Rafaello / Ferrero Rocher chocolate boxes?

Ferrero Rocher & Rafaello chocolates (can be used interchangeably in case of no stock) are included in, among other, those sets: Basket "Dream", "Connoisseur", "Elegant Banquet", "Sweet Pleasure", "Elegance" or "Excellence".

 Which sweet gift baskets contain Lindt/Lindor brand chocolates?

Lindt/Lindor chocolates can be found in most of our baskets. You will find them for example in: Basket "For Her", "Birthday" Basket, "Connoisseur", "Dream", "Afternoon", "Celebration", "Elegant Banquet", as well as the premium gourmet baskets: "Business Class" & "Business De Lux".

 Which sweet gift baskets contain Milka chocolates?

For all Milka chocolate lovers, we have just the right set! See our "Alpine Feast Coffret" full of delicious Milka treats.

 Can you deliver gift sets/baskets with sweets to offices and hotels?

Yes, we will deliver all sweet gifts throughout Poland by DHL. We deliver our sweet sets even the next day - to the addresses of homes, temporary accommodations, institutions, offices and workplaces throughout the country.

 Can I order chocolates and sweets with delivery to Poland from abroad?

Of course! You can send a sweet hamper/gift box to Poland, regardless of whether you live in the UK, USA, Canada or any other country. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, via bank transfer, PayPal or PayU. If you want to change the currency from PLN to USD, EUR or GBP, you can do it in the "DELIVERY COUNTRY" tab.

 Can I add my own message for the recipient of the sweet gift?

Yes, you can. When ordering any gift set or gift basket with sweets online, you will have the option of adding your personalized wishes in a complimentary card. At checkout, we also sell additional cards (with Polish texts), suitable for different occasions. You will find the fields for adding personalized messages or wishes in the "Delivery data" tab - the second step in the checkout process.

 Can I send a sweet gift basket set to Poland anonymously?

Yes, you can send all gift sets and gift baskets with sweets anonymously or not, and it's up to you. If you wish to send someone in Poland a gift as a secret admirer - simply do not reveal your name in the "Message card" field (step 2 during checkout). The content of this field is the only information about the sender that the recipient will receive. We will not provide the recipient with the sender's name, address or telephone number, even if the receiver requests us to disclose the sender's information.

 Do you ship your sweet gift baskets / sets abroad?

We deliver our sweet hampers & gift sets only in Poland.

 Do you offer discount on sweets with delivery to Poland?

Join our English mailing list, to get a 10% welcome discount on all sweet gifts and regular deals and promo codes straight to your inbox! Do not miss this chance to save, especially if you plan to regularly ship sweet gift baskets to Poland.


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