Empty window sill? Something missing in your home or office? We have an instant cure - beautiful plants with same-day delivery! Indoor plants as a gift for someone special, or a new purchase for your own collection - order the most popular potted plants, so we can deliver it in a jiffy anywhere in Poland.


Plants With Fastest Delivery Throughout Poland

An empty window sill? Lifeless interiors? Potted flowers & green plants are always the best medicine! Are you looking for room plants with the fastest delivery to Poland possible? At Euroflorist, we deliver indoor flowers even on the same day! Even a few hours are enough to transform any empty window sill into a green window sill - without leaving your home. Our easy to maintain, beautiful & fashionable plants will not only be a beautiful gift for yourself, but also for your loved ones. At Euroflorist, you can send, for example, potted flowers for a birthday, with delivery to the birthday person's home along with a birthday card full of wishes, a bouquet of cut flowers, a mascot, a delicious cake, a bottle of wine or a large gift set!

Plants - Best Way To Improve Your Interiors

Beautiful potted plants are an easy way to decorate your home or apartment. Magnificent green flowers in an elegant pot will not only enliven any interior, but also give it a unique character. Plants take in carbon dioxide to produce oxygen. In addition, they increase the humidity of the air, which is definitely good for our health. Green plants have a soothing effect on people. They make your home a real oasis of peace and relaxation... Take care of your loved ones and make your interiors stand out.
Exotic green plants? Blooming plants? Or maybe succulents? Order one of the prettiest plants with delivery throughout Poland now!

Plants - The Most Beautiful Gift For Others

Who doesn't love receiving plants as a gift? Plants can help us express gratitude, love, sympathy, recognition or congratulate our loved ones' successes. At Euroflorist Poland, you can place an order online, and your loved ones can receive their beautiful gift even on the same day!
Sending potted plants to loved ones comes in handy whenever we cannot celebrate an important occasion with them. The Euroflorist online florist has been connecting loved ones who are far away for over 25 years, delivering on their behalf the most beautiful potted flowers along with wishes and attractive gifts.

Send Plants To Poland 10% Cheaper

Regardless of whether you choose small succulents, cute blooming flowers or large green & exotic potted plants with stunning leaves - you can order all indoor plants 10% cheaper by subscribing to our English newsletter. You will receive a discount code straight to your inbox right after signing up. You can also use this discount code on additional gifts.

What's more, as a subscriber, you'll never miss out on other plant deals with delivery to Poland. Thanks to this, you will be able to regularly shower your loved ones with brand new green plants & other gifts!

Order Plants With Fast Delivery In Poland

Where to order green plants with fast delivery in Poland? Euroflorist Poland is an online plant shop that can deliver plants throughout Poland - even on the day of ordering! Regardless of the occasion, If you cannot share important moments with your loved ones in Poland, order plants online. We will help you surprise your loved ones & make their day.
We also deliver plants to institutions, schools, offices & workplaces throughout Poland. Whether you order a zamiokulkas, sansevieria, monstera, succullents or other plants - all will be delivered personally by one of the trusted partner florists located closest to the delivery address.

 Do you deliver plants to offices?

Yes, we deliver plants in pots throughout Poland, also to addresses of schools, institutions or offices.

 Do you sell artificial plants?

No, all plants available in our online store are live potted plants. We do not supply artificial plants, dry flowers or artificial cut flowers.

 Can I order plants to Poland from abroad? How can I pay?

Of course! At Euroflorist Poland, you can send plants with delivery to Poland, no matter where you live. You can pay for your order with a Polish or foreign Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, PayPal or PayU. In the "Delivery country" tab, you can also change the currency from PLN to USD, EUR or GBP.

 Can I add custom wishes / message to my plant?

Of course, and we strongly encourage you to do so.
When ordering plants online, you will be able to add a message in a small card (free option), or occasional greeting card (additional option). You will find the fields for your message in the "Delivery details" tab - step two in the ordering process.

 Can I send plants to Poland annonymously?

Yes. It's up to you whether you decide to disclose your details during the ordering process.




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