Advent Wreaths

Stress the uniqueness of Advent by sending your loved ones in Poland one of our traditional Advent wreaths.
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The Most Beautiful Advent Decorations

Advent is a special time for every Catholic in Poland - a time of waiting with hope and joy for the birth of Christ. For many, Advent is a time of reflection and tranquility. It is worth emphasizing the uniqueness of Advent by decorating homes with Advent decorations.
In Poland, Advent table centerpieces are popular as door garlands and table wreaths. The symbol of Advent, however, is the traditional Advent wreath with four candles, which can be placed on a table or windowsill. Our Advent wreath for the table is decorated with cones and silver decorations.

Advent table centerpieces, like Advent table wreaths, usually contain four symbolic Advent candles, but in our store you will find centerpieces with just one or without candles.

Surprise your loved ones in Poland with a beautiful Advent wreath. You can send each Advent composition anonymously or add a personalized message in an attached card.

Advent Wreaths With Candles

Is there anything better than a beautiful, fragrant wreath made of fresh twigs?

What distinguishes an Advent wreath are the four symbolic candles which are lit each Sunday. The Advent wreath is a symbol of expectation, and the light of the candles carries a message of hope. It is said that each of the Advent candles has a different meaning; the 1st advent candle is a symbol of forgiveness; the second candle is a symbol of faith; the third of joy, and the 4th candle symbolizes hope. Interestingly, not only the candlelight is symbolic, but also its shape. The round Advent wreath also symbolizes the eternity of God, who, like the wreath, has no beginning or end.

Order an Advent wreath before the beginning of Advent (November 27, 2022) so that you can light the first candle with your loved ones on the first Sunday of Advent.

Advent Wreaths & Decorations -10% off

Whether you choose an Advent wreath with cones, a door garland, a modern Advent centerpiece or a traditional Advent wreath with candles - you can order all Advent decorations with delivery to Poland 10% cheaper by signing up on our newsletter.

All advent wreaths from our offer will be prepared with care and will be delivered by a local partner florist in Poland, which guarantees their freshness.

Order Advent Wreaths With Delivery to Poland

We connect loved ones who are far away - also during the Advent season. If you want to make the waiting time for Christmas more pleasant for your loved ones in Poland, we will be happy to deliver all selected Advent decorations on your behalf.

The service of delivery of Advent wreaths is especially useful for people who live far, but not only. The wreath may or may not be a gift - you can also order an Advent wreath with delivery to your own home.

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