Can I send flowers to Poland anonymously?

“I would like to send flowers to Poland, but I need to be sure the receiver won't know the flowers were from me. Will the bouquet delivery company guarantee my anonymity?” we read on one of the online forums. Indeed, in many cases, especially when it comes to Valentine's Day deliveries or love rose bouquet, sender's anonymity is crucial.

Will the recipient find out who the flowers are from? Is flower delivery always anonymous?

The answer to whether the Euroflorist flower delivery service is anonymous is: Yes, if that's what the ordering party wants. Flowers can either be sent anonymously or not, and that choice is up to the sender. The decision can be taken when placing the online order.

Here's how not to make a mistake if you want your flowers to be delivered completely anonymously.


What information will be provided to the recipient?

There is no need to invent fake names. Sender's data provided in the fields name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. are used only to contact the customer for purposes related to the execution of the order. However, the sender's data is not shared with the recipient of the flowers or the flower courier.


When will the receiver know the sender?

Do you want the recipient to know who sent flowers? Simply sign the text fields for personalized messages - "Message card". The content of this field will of course be written (or printed) by the florist in a card or greeting card, and attached to the bouquet of flowers.

If you leave this text field blank or don't include your name, the shipment will remain anonymous.


When will the flowers be sent anonymously?

If you prefer to send flowers as a Secret Admirer, do not sign the "Message card" field, or keep it blank. 
This way, the flower delivery will remain anonymous. The courier delivering the bouquet will also not provide the recipient with the sender's personal information.

Where will the recipient see my name if I provide it?

We offer two ways to sign your order or add a custom message.


Small Ticket

Free option. Perfect for short dedications up to 200 characters  

*The photo below is for reference only/preview. Euroflorist bouquet tickets are usually purple, orange or white. An alternative ticket may also be added. 

Bilecik Euroflorist na zyczenia w bukiecie


Extra Card

An additional option that allows you to send longer messages.

*The photo below is for reference only/preview. The greeting card will be matched to the bouquet according to the occasion specified in the order. 

Kartka na życzenia Euroflorist

How to check who sent me flowers?

What if you have received a bouquet, but do not know who sent it? Can you call our Customer Service or inquire the courier? Can the sender count on Euroflorist's confidentiality even then?

The courier delivering the bouquet will not provide the recipient with the sender's data, because he does have access to it. They are also not provided on the receipt of the bouquet. 

In accordance with the Privacy Policy, Euroflorist's consultants can not provide the sender's data to the recipient of the flowers. If the recipient so requests, one of the consultants will contact the sender, forwarding him/her the recipient's request for direct contact. However, the decision on whether to reveal oneself will still be up to the sender of the flowers. 

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