Love and Romance

Send a romantic bouquet that says "I love you", "I miss you" or "You are the one" - no matter the distance and no matter the budget. We have love flowers available to celebrate every romantic occasion and important milestone in your relationship, and yes, we guarantee 100% anonymity to all Secret Admirers!
Great emotions that don’t cost the earth - Surprise your loved one in Poland with an affordable surprise that goes a long way.


Flowers For Your Love

Do you want to send flowers for your beloved wife, fiancée, girlfriend, or maybe someone you are secretly in love with? Could there be anything more meaningful than a bouquet of long red roses? A bouquet of red flowers, in addition to love, will express a lot of other emotions such as passion, respect and devotion. When choosing a bouquet of flowers in a different color for a partner or a person we care about, remember to check its symbolism.

A Bouquet For Your Polish Girlfiend Or Wife

Think about what bouquet will bring the greatest joy to your girlfriend, fiance or wife - after all, you know her best. A timeless choice, but with a romantic touch, is the "The Only One" Bouquet, in which a unique white rose is hidden among the red roses, emphasizing the uniqueness of the recipient of this romantic bouquet. Or maybe your loved one will like one of our romantic flower boxes? They will be perfect for special occasions. Flower boxes, just like bouquets, can be delivered with chocolates, a teddy bear, or a greeting card.

Flowers From A Secret Admirer

... in Poland and abroad. All our romantic flowers can be sent anonymously. If you want your Polish love to wonder who sent them, you are at the right place. If you do not reveal your name in the card - the bouquet will be delivered anonymously. We offer a delivery of love bouquets from a Secret Admirer not only throughout Poland, but also abroad - just change the country of delivery in the main menu before choosing a bouquet.

10% Discount On Love Flowers With Delivery

Regardless of the size & type, a love bouquet for your wife or flowers for your fiancée you can order all compositions for your beloved 10% cheaper by subscribing to our newsletter. You will receive a welcome discount code for romantic bouquets straight to your inbox right after signing up. You can also use this discount on gifts and cute teddy bears. Plus, by being a subscriber, you'll never miss out on other flower delivery deals again. You will regularly receive the most important reminders and the highest discounts. You will be able to shower your loved one with flowers on a regular basis!

Order A Love Bouquet Online

Send your loved one a bouquet of flowers to remind her how much you love and miss her. A flower delivery is a beautiful gesture towards a partner, girlfriend, wife or person for whom we have strong feelings. Whether you want to send romantic roses, flowers in a box or mixed love bouquets, we are here to help. In the Euroflorist online flower shop, you can order a romantic bouquet for your beloved in a few minutes. We offer convenient and safe payment methods, and thanks to the network of florists in Poland and around the world, we have the opportunity to deliver fresh flowers to a loved one, no matter where they live - even abroad.


For Someone You Love...


Of course! With us, you can send romantic bouquets to Poland online and regardless of your location. You can pay for your order with a Polish or foreign Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, PayPal or PayU.


Of course, and we strongly encourage you to do so. A love message in a card is an indispensable part of sending someone importnat a love bouquet.
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Yes. If you want your romantic bouquet to be a surprise for someone you are in love with, all you need to do is not reveal your name in the fields for personalized messages. These fields are the only information about the sender that your loved one will receive.




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