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DIY Pumpkin Crafts For Kids: Paper Pumpkins Filled With Candy


Are you looking for an interesting diy craft idea for fall or Halloween? An easy idea for school or preschool, a nice autumn decoration or a cute diy Halloween treat project? Here's an interesting idea for easy-to-make sweet paper pumpkins filled with candy.


diy paper pumpkin with sweets


Paper pumpkins with candy will be a beautiful and original Halloween gift, but if you don't celebrate Halloween, they will also be a lovely decoration for your home or office. They look sweet and are sweet - they hide a nice treat! They can disappear quickly, so make sure you make enough of them!

DIY candy-filled pumpkins made of napkins or paper are easy to make. This  diy is a nice project for the whole family and a way to spend time together.


What You Need


  • Orange paper napkins (or other soft paper)
  • Pencil
  • Bowl (diameter approx. 20 cm)
  • Scissors
  • Candies of choice (a few per pumpkin)
  • Green tape (or a tape of a different color, which we later paint green)


diy paper pumpkin with sweets


How To Make Pumpkins Filled With Candy


1. Draw a circle on 1-2 layers of orange tissue / paper (depending on the thickness of the paper)

diy paper pumpkins with sweets


2. Cut a circle (if you want to make more than one pumpkin, you can try to cut more than one sheet at a time).

diy paper pumpkins with sweets


3. Place the selected sweets and candies in the center of the circle.

diy paper pumpkins with sweets


4. Then join the ends together to form a nice pumpkin shape

diy paper pumpkins with sweets


5. Cover the tip with tape and close the "packet". If you use green tape, your pumpkin is ready. If you are using plain white, we have one more step to go.

diy paper pumpkins with sweets

6. Paint the tape green and let it dry.

diy paper pumpkins with sweets


Your Decorative Paper Pumpkins are Ready!


Your sweet pumpkin treats are ready to be used as an autumn home / desk decoration or a gift for your loved ones.

diy paper pumpkins with sweets


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