Bouquets for Women's Day

The most beautiful flowers for all exceptional ladies! Flowers for Women's Day are the most beautiful way to express gratitude and respect. So make this year's March 8 special - choose a graceful flower box or a bouquet with quick delivery throughout Poland, even on the same day.


Say "Happy Women's Day" with flowers!

International Women's Day is an important day in Poland. Do you have a wife or a mother-in-law living in Poland? Or maybe female employees and business partners in Poland? Do not forget about March 8th and wish them "Happy Women's Day" with flowers!

Women's Day 2023 In Poland - When & What?

Every year on March 8, International Women's Day is celebrated around the world. It is a great occasion to remember all great women who contributed to the fight for human rights and peace in the world.

March 8 is definitely a very special date in the Polish calendar. Over 90% of people celebrate Women's Day ("Dzień Kobiet") in Poland. Although Women's Day no longer is a public holiday in Poland (it was until year 1993) it is still a date known to basically everyone. On this occasion, Poles give or send flowers to their wives, mothers, sisters, grandmothers or daughters to thank for their care and love and wish them all the best. Compliments to all wonderful women are also expressed in offices and workplaces and at schools. Many companies opt for flowers to their female employees, or at least decorate the office with beautiful flowers.

What is a suitable Women'd Day gift in Poland? Buying personalized and expensive gifts for Women's Day isn't a common practice, but it is a perfect occasion for a box of good chocolates or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Which Flowers For Women's Day In Poland?

Which flowers are best for the Women's Day? Are carnations still a symbol of the Polish Women's Day?

Our March 8 bestsellers are mixed bouquets in pink, pastel or red shades. The most popular flowers for Women's Day are: Seasonal tulips are our favorite idea for Women's Day as they are a real mood booster
Which flowers will be the most suitable for March 8 will depend on which woman we want to send them to. Although the symbolism of flowers is not as important as it used to be, many ladies still pay attention to it. Red flowers (especially red roses) signify passionate affection and love. We recommend this color exclusively for wives, fiancées or someone we love. For other ladies, especially in the business environment, we recommend elegant, pastel or multicolored compositions. They are a safe choice that should not cause any misunderstandings.

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Send Flowers For Women's Day To Poland... In English!

Celebrate International Women's Day with flowers - regardless of the distance and language. Whether you wish to order a bouquet of Women's Day flowers for a woman you love, your Polish mother-in-law, a female employee or an important business partner - we are here to help, also in English. Flower delivery services are very popular on Women's Day in Poland, and we are prepared for that. If you can't spend March 8 together, an online bouquet can help you send your wishes remotely. You can order flowers for Women's Day quickly and safely online, and they can be delivered throughout Poland on March 8th.


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FAQ - Ordering & Delivery

 When & how can Women's Day flowers be delivered to Poland?

Euroflorist Poland offers two modes of delivery. Flowers (some tulips, roses or freesias) marked with "Free delivery" are sent directly from a Polish plantation by a DHL courier, which means that can be delivered usually on the next working day. All other bouquets will be delivered personally by a local Euroflorist partner florist, and those can be delivered any day of the week (on the same day, even in a couple of hours).

Regardless of the chosen mode of delivery, all our bouquets can be delivered throughout Poland exactly on Women's Day, March 8th, 2023.

 Can I order Women's Day flowers to Poland from aborad? What are the payment methods?

Of course! You can send Women's Day bouquets to Poland, no matter the distance or where you live. You can pay for your order with a Polish or a foreign Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, PayPal or PayU. You can also change the currency to USD, EUR or GBP in the "Delivery country" tab.

 Do you offer delivery of Women's Day bouquets to offices, worplaces, institutions, schools, hotels etc. in Poland?

Yes, we will deliver Women's Day flowers throughout Poland, also to temporary accommodations and workplaces. Deliveries of Women's Day bouquets to public buildings are handed over to the receptionist. Make sure the location you are sending flowers to is open on the 8th of March 2023, remember to provide correct contact details and all information necessary for a successful flower delivery.


FAQ — Women's Day Wishes

 How to add a message / personalized wishes?

When ordering a bouquet for Women's Day online, you will be able to add personalized wishes / message in a small card attached to the bouquet (free option), or occasional greeting card (additional option).
You will find the fields for your message in the "Delivery details" tab - step two in the ordering process.

 Can I send Women's Day flowers to Poland annonymously?

Yes, it is possible. If you want to send flowers for Women's Day to Poland anonymously - do is not reveal your name in the "Message card" fields. The content of these fields is the only information from/about the sender that the recipient will receive. We will not provide the recipient with the name, address or phone number of the sender of the Valentine's Day bouquet, even if they contact our Customer Service Department and ask for the sender's details.


FAQ — Choice Of Flowers 

 Can I send roses for Women's Day (to Poland)?

It depends on whom the recipient is and what color you choose. Before sending roses, check the symbolism of their colors and the number of roses or choose a safe, mixed composition. See: Meaning of roses

 Can I send tulips for Women's Day (to Poland)?

Yes, tulips are very popular on Women's Day in Poland. In addition, these beautiful and beloved flowers are in season on Women's Day.

Would you like to send tulips? Check out our wide tulip bouquets range.

 Which flowers are not suitable for Women's Day (in Poland)?

What flowers will work best for a woman depends on whom the recipient is and your relationship. Although the symbolism of flowers is not as important as it used to be, many ladies still pay attention to it. Intense red flowers (especially roses) signify passionate love. We recommend this color for Women's Day for wives, fiancées or beloved women. They can cause a misunderstanding given in a bouquet for Women's Day for a boss, teacher, friend or mother-in-law. Yellow roses, on the other hand, can be a symbol of betrayal, lost feelings or jealousy.
A safe choice for other women, mothers, mother-in-law or friends will be pink roses, or elegant mixed bouquets of other types of flowers. Chrysanthemums and callas are also not suitable for March 8, because for many ladies in Poland they are flowers strongly associated with funerals.



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