Farm to Door Flowers

Fresh, fresher, freshest. With freshly picked flowers sent straight from the grower, you get a beautiful bouquet that stays fresh for longer. And with fewer steps in the process, you get more buds for your bucks. Our Farm to Door flowers will be delivered by courier all throughout Poland.


This is Farm to Door by Euroflorist

More buds for your bucks  

Hand-picked flowers, directly from Polish growers. Sent by courier to any home or business throughout Poland.

Carefully bound and transported, all the way to the doorstep. Because we remove any additional steps in the delivery process, we fill your bouquet with more flowers – and our lives with more colour. 

Unbeatable freshness 

The fresher the flowers, the longer they can be enjoyed.

Our freshly picked flowers are still in the bud stage when the bouquets are tied, and many won’t reveal their full beauty until they have reached your vase.
This means your bouquet can be enjoyed for even longer. 

Enjoy the moment 

Unwrapping a flower box creates a luxury feeling.  

When opening the box, the person you sent flowers to will be greeted by a bunch of beautiful flowers. To complete the gift, add a lovely card with your personal message, creating a memorable moment. There’s always a reason for giving flowers!

Farm to Door Flowers - how does it work?
Farm to Door Flowers - how does it work?

Too good to be true?
In Euroflorist’s flower boxes, we fill our bouquets with extra flowers, so there’s more to enjoy. And our freshly picked flowers won’t reveal their full beauty until they reach your home. This way you get more colour in your life, for longer. Here are the steps that make it possible to deliver an experience that lasts.

See how it works...

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