Get well flowers

Get well soon! Send a bouquet with get well wishes to show your support and care during someone's illness or convalescence. Get well flowers are a beautiful gesture that doesn't cost much but means a lot.


The power of Get Well flowers

Support from loved ones is incredibly important in difficult times such as illness. A gesture such as sending a get well bouquet with warm wishes and an offer of help is a gesture that doesn't cost much but can make a big difference.

Flowers make you feel better

Want to improve someone's well-being? Need a bouquet for someone who is recovering from illness? Get Well Flowers are the perfect way to express your support and wishes for a speedy recovery - nothing works as magic as flowers to lift your spirits. Our bouquets are full of colour and positive energy that will help brighten up anyone's day and improve the well-being of the person who needs it.

Flowers with delivery to a hospital

Illness is a difficult time, when small gestures from loved ones are of great importance. Sending a bouquet to a sick person is a beautiful way to convey our wishes for health, show support or even offer our help. Flowers are also a nice gesture in a corporate setting - we can send flowers to a sick employee, co-worker, important contractor. We can deliver our Get Well flowers to homes, or directly to hospitals.

-10% off Get Well flowers

Whether you're sending flowers to a sick person at home or to a hospital - you can order all Get Well flowers 10% cheaper by signing up for our newsletter. You'll receive the discount code straight to your inbox. You can also use this discount on get well gifts, such as tea sets.

Get Well flowers with delivery to Poland

Send Get Well flowers to Poland with Euroflorist! We have been delivering get well flowers in Poland and around the world for over 25 years. Our beautiful bouquets are a great way to wish health and show support to loved ones, family, co-workers - no matter how far apart you are.


 Can Get Well flowers be delivred in Poland on the same day?

We offer two modes of delivery in Poland. "Farm To Door" Collection flowers are delivered by courier directly from a Polish plantation, and Florist Flowers, hand-delivered by a local florist, which can be delivered even within a few hours.
For more information, please visit: Delivery Terms.

 Can you deliver flowers to a hospital / clinic?

Yes, we deliver flowers all over Poland - not only to homes, but also to hospitals. Bouquets delivered to public buildings such as hospitals are delivered to the reception or secretary's office.

 Can I add personalized wishes to my Get Well flowers?

Of course, and we strongly encourage you to do so!
When ordering a Get Well bouquet you will have the option to add personalized wishes / your own message in a small card (free option), or an occasional greeting card (extra paid).
You will find the fields for your message in the "Delivery details" tab - the second step in the ordering process.

We also encourage you to visit our blog, where we have collected the most beautiful Get Well wishes, in Polish and English.




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