Helium balloons

"Surprise!" Make someone's day special and send them a balloon box: a helium balloon hidden in a box, delivered even the next day along with wishes, flowers or gifts.


Send Them A Balloon Surprise

A helium balloon is a great surprise for young and old. Order balloon boxes and surprise your loved ones in Poland, regardless of the distance. We will be happy to deliver your helium balloons along with wishes, flowers or other gifts.

Balloon Boxes - How Does It Work?

Wondering what balloon boxes are, and how balloon mail works?

A balloon box is a new type of gift that is growing in popularity in Poland. When you send someone a balloon box, you send them a real surprise - a helium-filled balloon hidden in a cardboard box. After opening the box, the helium balloon will slide out of it, pleasantly surprising the recipient.
The helium balloon is anchored with a ribbon to a special weight, preventing it from flying away. Helium balloons in a box are delivered to the recipient by courier and can be delivered throughout Poland - regardless of the distance.

Polish Online Balloon Shop? Not Only!

Euroflorist Poland is not only an online balloon store where you can buy a helium balloon with home delivery. With us, you can send a balloon box together with flowers, a cake, a bottle of alcohol or other gifts in different price ranges. See: Flower bouquets or Gifts & Hampers with delivery.
In the Euroflorist store, you can compose entire occasional sets such as: flowers and balloons, gift baskets and balloons, cake and balloons, and even an entire party set: drinks + cakes +gifts +balloons.
Balloon boxes are a beautiful way to make the recipient's day special, celebrate their birthday, anniversary, or simply tell someone that we are thinking about them.

Birthday Balloons & Much More

Helium balloons are extremely popular as gifts for birthdays. For the youngest, we offer two birthday balloons: a blue one-year-old balloon or a pink one-year-old balloon. We also have two balloons with "Sto Lat" meaning "Happy Birthday" in Polish. Are you looking for helium balloons for the 18th, 30th, 40th or 50th birthday? Our colorful birthday balloon with helium is universal and will be great for any jubilee.
First Communion balloons with helium are also popular in Poland. You can order helium balloons for a communion, together with First Communion flowers.

Gift, Prop & Decoration In One

Helium balloon boxes are a great way to cheer up the recipient and celebrate an important occasion. Floating helium balloons can also be used as party decorations or a cheerful photo shoot prop. Our heart balloons with helium will be a nice surprise for Valentine's Day, anniversaries and other occasions for our significant other. For example, a helium heart balloon on the table will be a beautiful decoration for any romantic dinner.
At Euroflorist you can order heart-shaped "I love you" balloons together with a chocolate heart, a bouquet of red roses or other romance flowers.

10% Off All Helium Balloons With Delivery

Whether you choose birthday, name day or heart-shaped balloons - you can order all 10% cheaper by subscribing to our English newsletter. You will receive a promo code straight in your inbox as soon as you sign up. You can also use this welcome discount on other gifts & flowers.

What's more, as a subscriber, you'll never miss out on other gift promotions, and you will be able to regularly shower your loved ones in Poland with gifts & flowers.

Balloons With Delivery Throughout Poland

Euroflorist offers helium balloons with superfast delivery to homes, hotels, institutions, offices and other places - even the next day.
Looking for helium balloons with delivery in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Lodz? Or maybe a balloon shop in a smaller town in Poland? Don't worry - we will deliver our balloon boxes throughout the entire country. If you order a single balloon, the balloon shipment will be delivered by courier. If you are adding a bouquet of flowers to the balloon, the balloon can be delivered personally along with the flowers. Order helium balloons today!

Balloon and flowers
Dont forget about flowers!

Flowers will complement your balloon box delivery in the most beautiful way. Add the recipient's favorite flowers to your ballon and double the surprise.

Order flowers


FAQ — Ordering & Delivery

 How are your baloons delivered?

Our helium balloons are sent by DHL courier. If you only order a balloon, it will be delivered to the recipient by DHL courier. If you add flowers from the Florist's Bouquets offer to the balloon, the order can first be sent to a partner florist, who will personally deliver the balloon together with the hand-made bouquet.

 Do you deliver balloons to workplaces, schools, hotels, etc.?

Yes, we deliver helium balloons throughout Poland - also to addresses of places of temporary residence, institutions or work. Shipments of balloons to public buildings are delivered to the reception or secretary's office.

 Can I order helium balloons to Poland from abroad?

Of course! With Euroflorist Polska, you can send helium balloons to Poland from abroad. You can pay for your order with a Polish or foreign Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, PayPal or PayU.
In the "Delivery country" tab, you can also change the currency visible on the website from PLN to USD, EUR or GBP.

 Do you deliver balloons abroad?

No, we deliver helium balloons only in Poland.


FAQ — Wishes & Cards

 How can I add wishes / a message?

When ordering a helium balloon online, you will be able to add personalized wishes (your own message) in the attached ticket (free option), or occasional greeting card (additional option).
You can find the fields for your message in the "Delivery details" tab – step two in the ordering process.

 Can I send a surprise balloon to Poland anonymously?

Yes, it is possible. If you prefer to send a balloon online completely anonymously - all you need to do is not reveal your data in the private message fields. The content of these fields is the only information from/about the sender that the recipient will receive.

 What kind of cards can I add?

When ordering any balloon, you will notice that you can add a "blank" card with pink and red carnations or special greeting cards with Polish texts, including: "Thank you", "I love you", "Best Wishes" or "Get Well Soon".

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