Summer collection

Summer is the most colorful season of the year next to spring. Popular summer flowers delight us with saturated sunny colors. Peonies, sunflowers, dahlias and asters not only smell beautiful, but also delight our eyes for a long time. In summer months, we send flowers usually for weddings, birthdays or popular name-days.

The Magic of Summer Flowers

Send a special person a unique bouquet of beautiful summer flowers! 

Sunflowers are the most popular summer flowers. These beautiful and joyful like the sun summer flowers have the power - they are positive energy captured in a bouquet. Sunflowers are the most frequently chosen holiday flowers, usually available in Polish florists throughout the summer. Other popular August flowers in Poland are gladioli, asters & dahlias, which usually bloom from July to October. Summer flowers in a vase will brighten up any interior and improve the mood of the household members.

For June & July Birthdays

Seasonal, summer flowers such as sunflowers or dahlias - a symbol of joy and cordiality - are a beautiful gift for special people celebrating birthdays or name days in July and August. A bouquet of flowers blooming in July or August will add a touch of uniqueness to their special day. So do not hesitate to send your loved ones in Poland or abroad a joyful bouquet of the most beautiful gladioli, yellow sunflowers or white dahlias.

Dahlias and sunflowers will also be a beautiful wedding gifts to those tying the knot in June or July. 


Summer Bouquet Like Wildflowers...

Do you remember the joy of picking wild flowers from nearby meadows and handing out personally-picked bouquets to your mother, grandmother or someone very special? Loose bouquets resembling bouquets of wild flowers have special charm. Despite the fact that our modern wildflower-like bouquets are available all year round, their loose form beautifully reflects the charm and sentiment of hand-picked summer holiday bouquets.

Send a Summer Bouquet to Poland

There is always a reason to surprise someone in Poland with a beautiful summer bouquet. July name day, wedding, August birthday, anniversary or for no special occasion - here you will find the most beautiful summer flowers for every event. Order the prettiest summer bouquets at Euroflorist Poland. Choose the composition from the recipients' favorite seasonal flowers and surprise them with a summer bouquet delivered to your home.