Wedding Flowers

Cheers to the newlyweds! A wedding is a very special day in the life of the bride and groom. If you cannot personally attend a wedding in Poland, we will be thrilled to deliver one of our beautiful wedding bouquets or elegant wedding gifts on your behalf.


Should I Buy Wedding Flowers for Newlyweds At A Polish Wedding?

You have received an invitation for a Polish wedding and wondering whether you should buy the newlyweds flowers, or what would a proper wedding gift be? 

Gift registries in Poland aren't very common. By far the most popular wedding gift in Poland is... money, handed in an elegant envelope with a card, and together a wedding bouquet. Bouquets as a part of a wedding gift are a popular tradition. However, more and more couples, especially those organizing large weddings, give up flowers and request instead, for example, a book or a bottle of wine. This information is usually specified on a wedding invitation. Would you like to honor the newlywed's wishes? Check the invitation to avoid uncomfortable situations. In case a couple asks for a bottle of wine instead of flowers, we recommend one of our attractive wine sets, which will make for a great wedding gift. See: 3 Wines Wedding Set


How & When To Give Wedding Flowers At A Polish Wedding?

When it comes to flowers, you should remember a few basic rules:

  • do not buy a bouquet if that was the request of the newlyweds
  • always give the bouquet with the stems facing down
  • always give the wedding bouquet to the bride, not the groom
  • first, congratulate the newlyweds, shake their hands with our right hand, then transfer the bouquet to the right and hand it to the bride
  • give the flowers and gifts during the time allotted for wedding wishes - usually right after leaving the church or the registry office, when the bride and groom can count on the help of their witnesses. Choosing a different moment may be uncomfortable for the bride and groom.

Which Flowers For a Polish Wedding?

Which flowers to choose as a guest for a wedding in Poland? For a joyful yet elegant event, flowers in light, cream and pastel colors will be the best choice, as they emphasize the innocence, purity, and at the same time the elegance of the event.

Popular flowers for wedding bouquets from guests are:

  • peonies
  • dahlias
  • roses (only white, cream, pink)
  • eustoma
  • the favorite flowers of the bride and groom

and mixed bouquets of bright pink and pastel flowers. In a wedding bouquet, we should rather not include flowers associated with Polish funerals (callas, anthuriums, chrysanthemums and others) or flowers with inappropriate symbolism, such as red roses.


Send Wedding Flowers To Poland

A wedding is a special day in the life of the bride and groom and an opportunity to celebrate together with their friends and family.

If on this special day you cannot personally attend a marriage ceremony or wedding reception in Poland, send a wedding bouquet or a gift using a flower delivery service.

Order wedding gifts and flowers at Poland's flower mail - Euroflorist Polska. The most beautiful wedding bouquets prepared by local florists can be delivered to homes and wedding reception venues, although we recommend sending wedding gifts and flowers on a different day, after the wedding date. 

Can't attend a wedding abroad? No problem - we also deliver bouquets for weddings and elopements all around the world. 

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