When is Grandparent's Day in Poland?

Poland does not celebrate grandparents on the same day. Grandmothers and grandfathers are celebrated on different dates in January, and yes, these are very important dates celebrated in schools and homes around the country. Would you also like to know how the Polish Grandma & Grandpa Days are celebrated?

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When is Grandmother's Day in Poland?

Grandma's Day in Poland is a fixed holiday - always celebrated on January 21. We celebrated the Polish Grandma's Day 2024 on a Sunday, Grandma's Day 2025 falls on a Tuesday, and Grandma's Day 2026 on a Wednesday.

When is Grandfather's Day in Poland?

Grandfather's Day in Poland is celebrated the day after Grandma's Day, i.e. always on January 22. The Polish Grandfather's Day 2024 was celebrated on a Monday. Grandfather's Day 2025 will be celebrated on a Wednesday, and Grandfather's Day 2026 falls on a Thursday.

How does Poland celebrate their Granparents's Days?

Grandma Day (PL: "Dzień Babci") and Grandpa Day (PL: "Dzień Dziadka") are very popular in Poland. Younger grandchildren prepare them handmade gifts and cards, either at school, or with the help of their parents. Hand painted cards (so called "laurki") are very popular.
Preschools and schools prepare special shows in honour of all grandparents, where grandchildren sing songs and recite poems about their amazing grandmas and grandpas. Older grandchildren - teenagers & adults - on the other hand, tend to visit their grandparents and bring them gifts, gift baskets with coffee & tea, cakes with dedication or send them cheerful bouquets of flowers with wishes in the attached card, if they are unable to pay a personal visit. On those special days, making a long call to your grandma or grandpa is seen as more respectful than just sending a text message with wishes.

No matter what we do, we always make sure our grandparents get our best and most sincere wishes and feel valued on their special day.



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