Flowers for Grandparents' Day

The prettiest flowers for the most amazing grandparents! On January 21 and 22, Poland celebrates Grandmother's and Grandfather's Days. Bring back childhood memories and thank your Polish grandparents with the most beautiful flowers. We will deliver all flowers straight to your Grandma and Grandpa - even on the same day.


Thank your Polish grandparents for...

Flowers for grandma - for all the tasty dinners and the sweetest desserts. For sharing her culinary secrets, teaching you how to bake cakes, take care of flowers, crochet? For the most beautiful lullabies and the warmest hugs? Flowers for grandpa – for best ice cream and fishing trips. For teaching you how to repair a broken bicycle or how to shoot with a slingshot? For piggyback riding, or maybe for the most interesting stories? What else is worth thanking for on their special day?
Grandparents deserve to be showered with flowers regularly. Flowers for grandma and grandpa are something that we should give them more often, and even without any special occasion. Remember: Our fragrant, floral wishes will reach your grandparents in Poland faster than greeting cards sent by post. You can also send them together with:

10% OFF all flowers for Grandparents' Day

Whether you choose one big bouquet for them both or two separate bouquets from grandma and grandpa - you can order all Grandparents' flowers with delivery to Poland 10% cheaper by signing up for our newsletter. You will receive a discount code for the Polish Grandparents' Day flowers straight to your inbox. Who knows, maybe this isn't the only flower discount we'll be offering to our email subscribers this January?

Send Grandparents' Day bouquets to Poland

We connect loved ones who are far away - also on the Polish Grandparents' Day. If you live far from your grandparents in Poland, we will be happy to deliver a bouquet to your grandmother or grandfather on your behalf. In our offer of flowers for grandma and grandpa, you will find a wide selection of bouquets available in three sizes, in various colours and price levels. Do not hesitate and surprise your grandparents with their favourite flowers.


 How & when can Grandparents' Day 2024 flowers be delivered?

You can choose the delivery date yourself during the ordering process. In 2024, the Polish Grandma's Day falls on Sunday (January 21) and Grandpa's Day falls on Monday (January 22).
We offer two ways of delivering flowers for Grandparents' Day. You can choose between flowers from the "Florist Flowers" offer or "Farm-To-Door Flowers" flowers sent directly from a local plantation.
Flowers from the "Florist Flowers" offer will be delivered personally by the local Euroflorist partner florist on any of the days, even on a Sunday. Flowers from the "Farm-To-Door Flowers" offer, including popular roses, tulips and freesias, are delivered by DHL courier - only between Tuesday and Friday. If you would like to send your Polish grandparents flowers from the "Farm-To-Door Flowers" offer, we recommend choosing Friday, January 19th as the delivery date.

For more information, please visit: Delivery Terms.

 Do you offer flower delivery to nursing homes, institutions, etc. in Poland?

Yes, we will deliver your flowers for grandma and grandpa also to the addresses of their other places of residence or work. However, remember to provide correct data and as much information as possible to help organize a flawless flower delivery.

 Do you deliver grave compositions for deceased grandparents?

Yes, Grandparents' Day is also a great opportunity to show memory of deceased grandparents who are unfortunately no longer with us. Apart from regular bouquets, we also deliver grave compositions throughout Poland. See the offer at: Grave compositions.
We also offer grave tending services, which includes delivering and lighting candles on grandma's or grandpa's grave. See: Grave Care Poland.

 Can I add wishes / message to the flowers?

Of course, and we strongly encourage you to do so. When ordering flowers online, you will have the opportunity to add personalized wishes for Grandparents' Day in the attached ticket (free option), or an occasional greeting card (additional option). You can add the card to your cart on the selected product page. The fields for your message or wishes can be found in the "Delivery details" tab - step two in the ordering process. You can find ideas for wishes for grandma and grandpa on our blog.

 Can I add other extra's / gifts to my flowers?

Flowers for Grandmother' Day or Grandfather's Day are not the only thing you can send your lovely grandparents in Poland. You can also add to your flowers: gift baskets, hampers, and sets, bottles of their favourite alcohol, balloons and even cakes and pastries. See: Gifts for Grandma's and Grandpa's Day .

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