Flowers for Name Day

Make them feel as special as they deserve and put them in a spotlight. Send them a Name Day bouquet and do not forget to add a card with wishes. Choose the most beautiful name day flowers, and we will deliver them throughout Poland on your behalf. You may also add something extra: Name Day Gifts I Name Day Cakes I Name Day Balloons.
See also: Same-day flower delivery.


Beautiful name day bouquets to Poland

Celebrating name day is a beautiful Polish tradition. The name day of your loved one or a business partner is approaching? Don't forget to surprise them with name day flowers, which you can send not only with a card full of name day wishes, but also with a gift basket, a name day helium balloon, a bottle of the birthday boy's favorite drink or a delicious cake.
Is their name day today? It's still not too late! Send them a name day bouquet with same-day delivery.

Which flowers for a Polish name day?

Roses for Valentine's Day, carnations for Women's Day - do name days also have a traditional flower - the symbol of name days? No, there is not a single name day flower in Poland. The choice of recommended name day flowers depends very much on the month of the name day and the corresponding flower season, e.g. some of the most popular flowers for Anna's name day are sunflowers, easily available in July, and for Adam and Eve's name day, many people choose amaryllis.

Name day flowers + cake + gift + balloon

Flowers for a name day are always a good idea. To each bouquet of name day flowers you can add small extra's such as a bottle of wine, chocolates, or (if you are ordering in advance) also bigger gifts such as name day hampers (with or without sweets), name day cakes in different flavors, gift sets or even a helium balloon with the inscription "On your name day", which will surprise them by flying out of the box.

Name day flower bouquets - for her

Flowers for Anna, Krystyna, Barbara? Popular name day bouquets for women we love are red roses and red tulips. For mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends or sisters, we recommend elegant mixed name day bouquets in pink and pastel colors. The most frequently sent bouquet of roses on name days is the "Rose Lady". Due to it beautiful mix of different colors of pastel roses and delicate filer flowers, it is a universal and beautiful name day choice for all women who like roses.

Name day flower bouquets - for him

Flowers for the name day of Andrzej, Krzysztof, Jan, Marcin? Is a name day bouquet for a man a good idea? Very often it is the man who gives flowers to the woman. The exception, however, are birthdays and... name days, when flowers are often offered to the male "solenizant" by women in his life. Some popular name day bouquets for men are "Provence", "Harmony" and the timeless "100 Years!" Bouquet. Name day bouquets for men are often ordered together with a bottle of their favorite drink.

Discount on name day flowers

No matter which name day bouquets, name day flower boxes or name-day plants you choose - you can order all name day flowers 10% cheaper by subscribing to our newsletter. You will receive the discount code immediately after registration. Moreover, by remaining a subscriber, you will never miss other promotions for flowers with delivery throughout Poland, and a year later, you will receive a reminder about the recipient's next name day with another discount code.

Send name day flowers to Poland online

We have been delivering flowers for name days throughout Poland and around the world for over 25 years. If you are unable to deliver a bouquet of flowers for name day in person, let our flower courier do it. Name day bouquets, flower boxes, baskets or other gifts - our couriers will make sure that the name day flowers reach receivers on time. Send the most beautiful name day bouquets at Euroflorist. We will deliver them along with name day wishes - even on the same day.


 When to place an order to make sure flowers / gifts arrive exactly on the day of their name day?

You can choose the delivery day in the calendar during ordering.

Most bouquets can be delivered on the same-day, but some products (cakes, bigger gifts) take longer to deliver and require an order in advance. For detailed information on the delivery dates of name day flowers and gift sets, please visit: Delivery Terms & Times.

 Can I add wishes / personalized message to my name day flowers?

Yes. You can write the content of your name day message in the attached card (free option, suitable for short messages), or an occasional greeting card (add-on, for longer messages). You can add the card to your cart on the product page. Fields for personalized wishes can be found in the "Delivery details" tab - step two in the ordering process.

 Can I send name day flowers to Poland annonymously?

Yes, it is possible to send name day roses and other flowers anonymously. It's up to you to decide whether you want to reveal your name or not. For more information about anonymity when sending flowers, check:Can I send flowers to Poland anonymously?

 Do you offer delivery of name day flowers to offices & worplaces / other locations in Poland?

Yes, we will deliver name day flowers to homes, institutions, hotels, offices, workplaces, churches and other locations throughout Poland. Remember to provide all necessary contact & address information for the couriers. In case of public institutions, flowers may be delivered to the reception or the building administration.

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