How to send flowers to Poland online?

How to send flowers in Poland

Flower deliveries are becoming more and more popular in Poland. Bouquets delivered to someone's home or office are a great solution, regardless of the distance. Want to send someone in Poland a bouquet for the first time? Here's how you can do it (in English).

How can I send flowers?

If you live in Poland, there are two ways to send flowers to another city, town or country: 


Online - at our online flower shop

Ordering flowers online in online flower shop is the easiest and fastest way. You can pay for your order with a credit card, Paypal, PayU, bank transfer or invoice. More than 90% of our customers order flowers this way. This is also the best way if you want to send flowers to Poland from abroad.

Ordering flowers via computer or phone will only take a few minutes. To learn how to send flowers online, see the steps below.


Stationary - at a partner florist

It is also possible to send flowers locally, at one of the Euroflorist partner florists. The partner florist will not only help you place an order, but also offer the option of paying for the bouquet in cash.

Would you like to use this method, but you don't know which florist in your city are part of our network? Contact our Customer Support to get the address of the nearest point.

How does the flower delivery service work?

When ordering flowers, you can choose one of those two available delivery options:


Florist Flowers


Once your order has been paid for, it will be accepted in our system and handed over to a trusted partner florist near your delivery address.
The system will select the most appropriate florist, based not only on the postal code, but also on the type of product ordered.

This option is recommended for:

Flowers from the "From Florist" offer can be delivered on any day of the week (including Sundays) and on the same day (even within a few hours). This is the best option for people who care about the fastest delivery.



Farm-To-Door Flowers (DHL)


Once your order has been paid for, it will be transferred to our local Polish flower grower. The flowers will be cut, packed and handed over to the courier on the eve of the delivery day to guarantee their freshness. You will also receive a track & trace code by e-mail.

This option is recommended for:

Flowers are sent by courier from a local Polish plantation, they can be delivered to any address and anywhere in Poland - even those located far from large cities and unavailable for florists. 

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Here's how to order flowers via Euroflorist

STEP 1: Choose the bouquet & extras
STEP 2: Select the delivery date and, if you have one: add a discount code
STEP 3: Add the delivery address & recipient's phone number
STEP 4: Add a personalized dedication
STEP 5: Complete the payment so that the order can be executed


This is the most pleasant step: Choosing your surprise!

Choose the bouquet that you think will make the recipient happy. Think about their favorite color and types of flowers.

Choose its size, and add a bouquet to the cart. Also add any extras: flower food, chocolates, a greeting card, a mascot or a vase. You can also add other gifts to the bouquet: a bottle of wine, gift baskets, cakes, and even a helium balloon.

See: Gifts with delivery

When choosing a bouquet, pay attention to the type of delivery. Our offer currently includes: cut flower bouquets delivered personally by a partner florist, and flowers directly from the Polish flower plantation, which are cut on the day of shipment and sent by courier.

The former can be delivered even in a few hours on the same day, the latter on the next business day.

See: Delivery Terms & Times
STEP 2: Date & Discount

In the calendar, select the day and preferred delivery time slot.
More about delivery time slots: FAQ: Delivery Times.

Step 2 is also where you can add a possible discount code. How to get a discount code? See: Get discount codes for flowers.

STEP 3: Delivery information

Provide accurate and complete delivery details including the recipient's phone number.

Are you planning to send flowers to this address more often? Create an account and save the address in your address book so that next time you can load the address automatically and save time.

STEP 4: Personalized message

Now it's time to add a personalized dedication, wishes or message for the recipient in the "Message card" field. If you leave the field blank or do not add your name, the recipient will not know who the sender was (the flower order will be delivered anonymously).

For more information on anonymity in sending flowers, see: Will the recipient know who sent them flowers?

STEP 5: Payment

Enter your details and complete the payment to receive an order confirmation by e-mail. What are the payment methods? See: Payment methods

If the payment was successful, you will receive your order number and order updates by e-mail . 

Payment failed? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service

Questions about order flowers to Poland

Do you have any other questions about sending flowers, gifts & cakes to Poland? Please check our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our Customer Support, who will assist you in English. 

Send flowers to Poland

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