Frequently asked questions

Payment and delivery

How can I pay for my order?
You can pay with Visa, MasterCard; PayU; Sofort Banking; PayPal; invoice; money transfer to our bank account; cash in every Euroflorist flowershop. There are over 700 of them in Poland. In each of them you can pay for the Flower Shipping in cash. To get the information about which florist is closest to you, please use our helpline 801 777 447. You will find more information in Terms and Conditions - payment methods.

How fast can you deliver flowers?
Euroflorist guarantees that flowers you order will be delivered within 24 hours in Poland and abroad. Same day delivery is possible in Poland if the order is placed until 5 p.m. (Monday-Friday). We are able to deliver your order in Poland as soon as witin 2h!

Can I be sure that my order will be delivered in the selected hours?
Delivery hours are NOT guaranteed and they stand for approximate time of delivery. Our florists usually contact recipient by phone to set suitable delivery time.

How long before the planned delivery date should I make an order?
We are able to deliver flowers on the same day, provided the order is made before 5pm. It is advised to make an order 2 or 3 days in advance, thought.

Do you deliver flowers on Sundays?
Yes, but only in Poland. Foreign deliveries are NOT made on Sundays.

What happens when the florist can't reach the recipient at the given address?
Our florists usually contacts the recipient by phone to set suitable delivery time. If the recipient can't be reached at delivery address, our florist leaves a card with their contact data and information that they attempted to deliver. Shortly after the recipient contacts the florist, another delivery takes place. In case when recipient does not contact the flower shop or Euroflorist, the order becomes suspended. Another delivery attempt is made after placing a new order and finishing the payment.

Will I receive a delivery confirmation?
You will receive an email once the delivery is confirmed by the florist. You can additionaly buy an SMS confirmation for flower delivery orders in Poland. If you’d like to get that kind of confirmation, match the option in your basket.


How can I make a complaint regarding flowers quality or inconsistency?Complaints concerning the freshness of flowers must be made via email within 72 hours after the time of delivery. Other complaints may be made via telephone or email within 7 days after the date of delivery. Please attach a photo of the product delivered to your message.

My order is delayed or has not been delivered.
Complaints concerning the delivery delay or lack of delivery must be made via email or phone.

My order

Why can’t I order a gift with delivery on the same day?
Gifts are prepared in Euroflorist warehouse and sent by a delivery company. They can be delivered not sooner than the next day (Monday-Friday) after the order is placed.

Will my bouquet look the same as presented in the picture?
All Euroflorist partner Florists have detailed instructions on preparing orders. They all have catalogues featuring all the collections of bouquets and flower arrangements which are available in our online shop. Whenever possible, we deliver bouquets, flower arrangements and gifts identical to those you can see in the pictures. Completing orders for particular products depends on the availability of these products on the market. In some cases, substituting one flower with another may be necessary so as to ensure a timely delivery. We always do our best to make sure the bouquet that reaches the recipient is as similar as possible to the one you chose online. Euroflorist reserves the right to deliver bouquets, plants, gift baskets or other products of approximate quality and appearance ensuring the highest feasible degree of similarity to the original choice (when it comes to the size, style and colour).

Can I make changes to my order?
Changes to the order can be made by phone or email within 60 min from placing the order or 24 hours before the date of delivery.

Privacy policy

What happens to the data I am giving?
Euroflorist will only use the personal data provided directly. It means the data you provide, for instance, when placing an order with us. For example, it is required by the law to store payment information for seven years. We put much attention to data security. Data is specially protected and secured from third party access. We protect all information provided by you with the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Can the recipient find out who sent the flowers?
The sender data is confidential. Florists and couriers do not have information about the sender’s identity. The recipient will only know who the sender is if you sign the message. No information about the sender is given to the recipient.