Frequently asked questions

How can I pay for flowers?
You can pay with Credit Card (via Internet and by telephone), money transfer on the bank account or pay in cash in each EuroFlorist flowershop. You will find more information in Terms and Conditions - payment methods.

How fast are flowers delivered?
EuroFlorist guarantees that flowers you order are delivered within 24 hours. If you order before 17:00 (monday - friday) flowers will be delivered on the same day in Poland. In most cases domestic orders are fulfilled in 2 hours!

Can I be sure that my order will be delivered in selected hours?
Delivery hours are NOT guaranteed and they stand for approximate time of delivery. Our florists usually contact recipient by phone to set suitable delivery time. 

How fast are gifts delivered?
EuroFlorist guarantees that flowers you order are delivered within 48 hours in Poland.

How long before the planning delivery date should I make an order?
It is advised to make an order 2 or 3 days in advance.

Are flowers delivered on Sunday?
Yes, but only in Poland. Foreign deliveries are NOT made on Sundays.

What happens when florist can't reach recipient at given address?
Our florists usually contacts recipient by phone to set suitable delivery time. If still recipient can't be reached at delivery address our florist leaves a card with their contact and information that they attemted to deliver. Shortly after the recipients contacts the florist another delivery is made. 

How will I know that flowers were delivered?
EuroFlorist does not assure the acknowledgement of receipt. In some cases getting the acknowledgement can take a lot of time. If you want to know if the recipient received flowers, mark it in "Special directions" field in order-form.

What is happening with the data I am giving?
EuroFlorist put much attention to data security. Data is specially protected and secured from third party persons.

Can the recipient check who sent flowers?
The recipient will know who is the sender only if you sign it in the message. No information about the sender is given to recipient.