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Get well wishes in Polish
Get Well wishes in Polish

How to wish a speedy recovery to a sick loved one, friend, or coworker? Examples of ready get well wishes in Polish and English.

Mother's Day wishes
Best Mother's Day wishes in Polish

A comprehensive list of the most important phrases & most beautiful Mother's Day wishes in Polish - with English translations.

A list of beautiful wishes for your Polish mom or mother-in-law.

Mother's Day in Poland- when it is?
Mother's Day in Poland- when, what & how?

When is Mother's Day in Poland? How is Mother's Day celebrated in Poland? 10 Questions about Mother's Day in Poland.

Easter wishes in Polish
Easter wishes in Polish

How to say Happy Easter in Polish? Here are some great example of religious, nonreligious and corporate Easter wishes in Polish (with English translations). Short, yet beautiful, perfect to be sent in a text message or a flower bouquet card.

Women's Day wishes in Polish
Women's Day wishes & messages in Polish

How to say "Happy Women's Day" in Polish?
What are some beautiful Women's Day wishes for friends, wives, colleagues, mothers or activists? Get inspired with our list of short and elegant Women's Day wishes with English translations.

Love quotes in Polish
50+ most beautiful Valentine's Day messages in Polish

Not sure how to express your feelings in Polish?
We got you! Check our list of over 50 beautiful examples of love quotes, wishes and messages for your Polish girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or friend.

Meaning of roses - colors & numbers
Meaning of roses - colors & numbers

What does 1 5, 7 or 108 red roses symbolize?
How many roses symbolize an apology, and how many reciprocated love? What number and color of roses to avoid in Valentine's Day bouquets?

Here's everything you need to know about the importance of rose colors and numbers in a bouquet.

Valentine's Day in Poland - All You Need to Know
Valentine's Day in Poland

Which gifts & flowers to send to your loved one and how to celebrate the 14th of February in Poland? Here's all you need to know about how Valentine's Day (Walentynki) is celebrated in Poland.

When is Grandparents Day in Poland?
When is Grandparents' Day in Poland?

When is Grandmother's & Grandfather's Day 2024 in Poland?
How do Polish grandchildren celebrate Grandparents' Day?

Polish Christmas & New Year wishes - short examples
Christmas & NYE wishes in Polish

A list of ready to use Polish Christmas & New Year wishes - with English translations.

The loveliest "Merry Christmas" wishes for your friends, family & business partners in Poland.

Name day wishes in Polish
Name day wishes in Polish - examples

What to wish someone on their name day?

List of ready-made, short and original name day wishes in Polish with English translations.

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Name day Poland - what is it
Polish name days - what & when?

Polish name days – what, when, how? 10 questions about the tradition of Polish "imieniny".

Condolences in English
Condolences in Polish (with translations)

How to express condolences in Polish? Check out our list of 50+ beautiful Polish condolences with English translations.

Funeral sash texts in Polish - 50+ examples
50+ beautiful examples of funeral sash texts in Polish

What to write on a funeral sash - in Polish? When words don't come easily, here are some beautiful texts of funeral sashes you could send to Poland.


Grave tending Poland
Grave tending - which one to choose?

What exactly is a grave care/tending service, what does it include, and how much does it cost in Poland?

Compare packages and choose the best cleaning + decorating grave care for your loved ones' tombstones in Poland

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How To Make An Austumn Garland With Eucalyptus & Thistle?
How To Make An Austumn Garland With Eucalyptus?

How to make a diy rustic autumn wreath to put on your door - step by step. Make this beautiful garland with eucalyptus & blue thistle.

Celebrate Autumn! - Autumn Inspiration And Flower Trends 2022
Celebrate Autumn! - Autumn Inspiration

Just like we, with the arrival of autumn, change colorful summer dresses for warm sweaters and trench coats, nature also completely changes its outfit. It is worth emphasizing the uniqueness of this beautiful season by inviting fall floral arrangements and decorations to our homes and offices...

ways to decorate autumn pumpkins with flowers
3 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

The symbol of autumn - a pumpkin. Would you like to decorate your home with pumpkins and flowers? Here are three lovely ideas on how to use a pumpkin in floral arrangements.

Gallery of Autumn Bouquets
Gallery of Autumn Bestsellers

Autumn bouquets are magical. They put us in a nostalgic mood, soothe us, and at the same time warm us up with beautiful fall colors. By organizing a special scenic photo session of autumn bestsellers in Poznań, Poland, we wanted not only to show their beauty, but also to ignite a passion for fall autumn bouquets. Check it out!...

DIY for Kids: Paper Pumpkins Filled With Candy
DIY Paper Pumpkins Filled With Candy

Are you looking for an interesting diy craft idea for fall or Halloween? Here's an interesting idea for easy-to-make sweet paper pumpkins filled with candy.



Birthday Messages in Polish
Happy Birthday Messages in Polish

How to wish someone Happy Birthday in Polish?

Get inspired with our list of 100+ ready-made, short and original birthday wishes, messages & quotes in Polish - with English translations.

EUR 10,000 for Ukraininan Refugees!

Amazing results of the Ukrainian refugees' charity action "A Bouquet that helps" by Euroflorist and the Polish Red Cross.

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