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Product code: U821

"No added sugar" Gift Set

  • Recommended as a gift for people with diabetes - Contains sweets with no added sugars from best Polish brands
  • Fast delivery by courier throughout Poland, even the next day
  • Can be delivered together with flowers & wishes

Product code: U821
  • price: 189.00 zł

Additional accessories:

Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection 143 g
Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection 143 g 59.90 zł
Lindt Mini Pralines 100g
Lindt Mini Pralines 100g 39.90 zł
"Thank You" Card 8.90 zł
"I Love You" Card 8.90 zł
"Best Wishes" Card 8.90 zł
"Get Well Soon" Card 8.90 zł
"Blanco" Card 8.90 zł
Next-day Delivery
Delivery: 19.90 PLN
A Perfect Gift for any Occassion
The Best Complement for a Bouquet
Product Information

Looking for a gift for a person with diabetes or someone on a diet? Or maybe a set of healthy sweets for children? Choose this delicious, but healthy gift box containing exclusively sweets with no added sugar/sugar-free. In this small hamper, we will find as many as 7 various sweets for diabetics of well-known and popular Polish brands:

  • Roasted almonds with Kłodawska salt, vegan, no added sugars (100 g)
  • Sugar-free milk chocolate by Cukiernia Staropolska - with freeze-dried fruit (53 g)
  • Gluten-free oatmeal cookies by Baton Warszawski - with chocolate and vanilla. No added sugars - sweetened with xylitol (150 g)
  • Stewiarnia candies in a jar - sugar-free candies, sweetened with stevia (100 g)
  • Cocoa balls by Dobra Kaloria - with lime and cocoa flavor, no added sugars (65 g)
  • Eco-friendly sticks – by Pięć Przemian, no added sugars (45g)
  • ”Energize me” tea by English Tea Shop Organic - Caffeine-free mint & rooibos tea blended with energizing herbs and spices (20 tea bags).

All sweets & snacks are packed in a nice box filled with wood wool, wrapped in foil and raffia, making it a perfect, ready diet & no-added-sugar gift, recommended for people with diabetes. This gift set can be delivered to homes & offices throughout Poland, even on the next day.

In summer, we are not responsible for changes in the product caused by high temperatures during transport.

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